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My boyfriend has been talking about going to America with his family for nearly a year. So when he finally left I was overjoyed not to hear about it for three weeks.

When I told my friends that he was off, the response was...odd. Many couldn't believe I 'let' him stay away from me for so long, some wondered how I was going to survive and others couldn't believe I wasn't going. The thing is, my boyfriend is a grown man who knows what's right and wrong so I would never stop him doing something he wanted to do. I am a independent, responsible woman who doesn't need anyone to help me survive and lastly...I'm just afraid of flying.

I'll admit, I do miss him. Coming home to an empty flat is never fun but I found ways to keep myself occupied.

I started to enjoy photography again

One of my friends loves photography and allowed me to use his camera for a week. Looking at my blog photos they look absolutely terrible compared to other blogs.

I know they aren't the greatest photos, but they are a lot better than the photos I was taking before. I'm also super hungry just looking at that beef with black bean sauce.

I learnt to like being alone

I used to spend a lot of time scrolling through instagram with major FOMO. I always wanted to be out having fun with my friends, drinking cocktails and getting glammed. Many of my friends told me they would be up for hanging out in the three weeks I'm away...but as usual flaked. So I learnt to enjoy my own company, and REALLY enjoy not having to listen to people's problems that they have created themselves.

I worked out more

My boyfriend said he would be sad if I went spinning without me so I played with other workouts. I actually forgot what a great workout kettlebells are so these last couple of weeks my arms have become more toned... and more achy. I'm also back to squatting to get that Kardashian bootaaaay I want. (Okay I know I'm never gonna get a butt like that but a girl can dream!)

I cooked from scratch more

Anyone who knows me knows that I can only cook instant noodles and stir frys, but I really wanted to stay healthy and expand my minds recipe book so I looked at learning some recipes. The best book I've bought this year has to be The Body Coach - Lean in 15. My favourite has to be the oaty chicken. Its quick, simple and so tasty!

I got excited for the future

I feel as though get I stuck in the present too often and wallow about things that aren't going right which causes me to feel down a lot of the time. After speaking to a friend I decided it's not a great way to live and I wanted to change that. So I booked tickets to see 1984 in June, Don Broco play both albums on separate nights in August, Panic at the disco in November, The Holi festival in London and Lovebox. Summer is looking so much fun!

I tried to find the positive in everything

I've become that girl is so woe is me and hates everybody and everything. Until one of my best friends Dad passed and I just thought 'woah'. All the complaining I do is just pointless, at least I'm alive and kicking. The greatest thing about being alive is if you don't like something then try your hardest to change it. The other option is to complain about it and stay miserable which is just something I do want to do.

So there you have it, while Joey was having the time of his life I was trying to grow into being a better, more independent person.

How are you guys doing? I had to take a break from blogging as I felt uninspired and had such a lack of time.
Is anyone going to any of the shows I mentioned above?

Lots of Love

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