FITNESS: Spin Class

Okay, you've decided to book a spinning class. You feel like you live in LA and you're the queen of fitness. But what is spinning? And how scary is it?

Spinning is basically cycling on a stationary bike, sounds simple but its so much more than that. It involves cycling at different paces, standing up whilst cycling and crouching whist cycling. A normal class lasts around 45 minutes. It's a cardiovascular workout in a dark room with disco lights.

Here are my top tips for surviving a spin class:

1. Tell the instructor you're a Spin Virgin
I know it can be embarrassing, but when you tell them they can fix your bike so it's comfortable for you (ouchie spin bum is a real thing!). They will change the height of the seat, move the handlebars and show you how to use the resistance.

2. Listen to your instructor 
That person shouting at the front? Yep, listen to them...even if you've been several times. The instructions will really help you get the best workout 

3. Go at your own pace
The best thing about spinning is that you can go at your own pace. With my thighs I get tired so quickly so I'm quite frequently sitting down cycling gently to keep my heart rate up

4. Bring a towel
Things get sweaty. No seriously. I had a guy accidentally flick the sweat from his hair on to my arm but I won't mention any names *cough* JOEY *cough*
Joey under some disco lights

5. Bring a bottle of water 
You work up such a sweat cycling you need to keep hydrated. Plus its a great reason to take a breather without feeling slightly embarrassed cause who's that mean that they judge someone for slowing down to sip some water?!

So that's my tips for spin class. I highly recommend you finding somewhere that does a class because it's so much fun. I've started spinning two times a week. I would bring a friend for your first time so you can struggle get used to it together. 

Let me know below if you've done spinning or would like to in the future.

Lots of Love

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  1. I did spinning for about 6 months and really enjoyed it, then one random lesson I threw up. I went a few more times after that but eventually moved onto different classes. This year I went to a random class and threw up again! I think I was pushing myself too hard but now I've got my own bike at home, it's not as fancy as a proper one but it does the job!


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