I am in so much pain as I type this... because of PiYo. It's a good pain though I promise.

I really wanted to add a yoga class to my new fitness scheme. I've been to many yoga and pilates classes, but the majority of them start when I finish work so I never have time to go. I started doing yoga at home using DVDs but I felt as though I wasn't being pushed enough. So I looked at my local gym bookings and went to an early morning PiYo class.

Chalene Johnson - the creator of PiYo - wanted to create a workout that stretched her muscles as well as improve her shape and dress size. She mixed what she saw at a Vegas acrobatic shows with yoga and pilates to create a workout that can burn up to 1000 calories in one session.

The best way I can describe PiYo is 'yoga without the holding boring poses forever'. I really do love yoga and pilates and I feel as though it does make me stronger, but being stuck in downward dog pose for 30 seconds (or breaths) really puts pressure on my arms and thighs. I used to feel really embarrassed in class when I couldn't do a simple pose because my legs haven't been strong enough.

During PiYo, I wasn't in downward dog for more than 15 seconds. It went from downward dog to a plank, then 'piyo crunches', back to a plank, then 'piyo push ups' back to downward dog then a squat. We did this about 8 times. I'm out of breath and sweating with memories. Another great thing about PiYo, is that it has a soundtrack! Yoga classes normally have slow whale or wind sounds which makes me giggle inappropriately but this class had my favourite song of the moment 'Cake by the Ocean' by Dnce.

I'll admint there were parts of the workout that I found difficult. I'm still wondering how my teacher put her leg in some odd and difficult position. I would definitely recommend this workout for someone who wants to do yoga and work up a sweat at the same time.

I've been asked about the food I eat to keep healthy, so next week I will do a post all about that as well as all of my measurements so you guys can know what I'm up to 

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