LIFESTYLE: 25 before 25

The month of March is finally upon us which means, my birthday countdown has started. This year I'm turning 25, which scares the crap outta me! I feel as though I haven't done so much and time is running away from me. So I created a list of things I want to do/achieve by the time I'm 25

1. Pass my theory test
2. Have a spa day
3. Stay off social media for a weekend
4. Cook a meal on a work night
5. Go to a spin class
6. Make a Guinness chocolate cake
7. Get my ear pierced
8. Plank for a minute
 9. Book a holiday
10. Learn a song on guitar
11. Have a girlie sleepover
12. Start a diary
13. Start saving for a house
14. Get a smear test (eek!)
15. See my favourite band play
16. Go to a festival (or get tickets)
17. Have a harry potter marathon
18. Have a pedicure
19. Start learning a new language
20. Buy a pair of designer shoes
21. Learn how to put on lashes which aren't pre-glued
22. Go running at 6am
23. Finish Morrissey's autobiography
24. Find a new hobby
25. Enjoy my birthday

I have 21 days to complete the challenge. Do you think I can?

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