LIFESTYLE: The Odd One Out

Well hello there lovelies.

I decided to write this after my Friendship Dumped! post did so well. Have you ever felt like you were the odd one out of the group? Have you ever felt as though everyone around you are better some how?

These were my feelings for most of last year. You only have to take one scroll on instagram to see celebrities and their 'squads' that could easily make you wonder if you even have a squad or if you fit into it!

A lot of my friends have amazing professions. Comedians, graphic designers, digital marketing, photographers and I work in an office. I even remember telling someone my job and they laughed and practically spat their drink out in my face. Lovely.

I've found being in a relationship can cause this feeling. 'Oh we didn't invite you because we thought you'd invite Joey' has been an excuse I've had for not been invited out several times. Being in a relationship doesn't mean we're joint at the hip. 

I think in the blogging world it's even worse. We all use social media to engage with others, share what we're doing daily. I sometimes feel like everyone seems to have a blogger bestfriend. Someone they can brunch with, take the perfect photo with, drink cocktails with. I'm constantly asking myself 'How can I get in on that?!'

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Talking to other girls I've realised so many of us feel this way. On the outside looking in. I have to look back on my past achievements in order to stop myself overthinking this. I passed uni with a 2:1 while battling an autoimmune disease, I have to deal with anxiety everyday while going to work, and I'm fucking amazing at singing in the shower.

If you're a female blogger, I'd suggest going THE GIRL GANG on twitter. A group of girls that love and support each other. Come join us 

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  1. Hey Mariah, I'm sorry that you've felt a bit left out in the past. I have too. And I have most definitely felt that a lot of bloggers and stuff have that best friend to have lunch with. There's so many amazing things about each one of us and it is about time we see it all. I only recently joined The Girl Gang group!



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