LIFESTYLE : The Friendship Breakup

I'm sure everyone here has had the unfortunate feeling of heartbreak. Whether it's because your partner was a douche, it just wasn't working out or that you were the one in the wrong. But what happens when you get dumped by a friend?

I would like to believe that I'm a friendly person. I'm normally the one left out of
 social events and even if I'm invited I'm pretty much ignored. So I try and treat everyone how I would like to be treated.

Recently I've been dumped. Not by one, but TWO of my friends. And it hurt. There was no response to my texts, whatsapps,tweets. Nothing. I found myself wondering where I went wrong. Did I push to go to the cinema too much? Did they hate how I actually wanted to meet up? Did I not show how much I cared? Did I treat you badly? For days I honestly felt like I wasn't good enough. I not arty or creative. I'm not a party girl anymore. I'm just not good enough for them.

I decided I had to stop over-thinking it all and just simply move on. I'm almost 25 now (oh god), and if people do not want me in their lives then so be it. I mean... I'm the champion of saying 'you don't need negative people in your life' and removing them. So maybe that's simply what happened to me.

I do believe a friendship breakup can be harder than a relationship break up. I mean who am I going to send ugly selfies too now? Who's going to sing Jonas Brothers on the phone to me? Who's gonna tell me my bra is pretty?!

So if you are one of my friends(?) that has dumped me (yet still reads my blog) let me know where I went wrong. Or if you've been friend-dumped let me know how you recovered.

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  1. It's such a horrible feeling when this happens but how I cope is I focus more of things that make me happy like blogging, music etc to distract my mind

    Leanne |

  2. Getting cut off by friends is SO much worse than a partner. Friends are essentially near enough your entire support network and to lose friends without a reason is horrible. People do grow apart but they could at least have given you a reason why! xx

    1. Totally agree! You just end up overthinking things

  3. Really sorry to hear that! I too have lost 3 of my greatest friendships a while back. Eventually we started talking again and meeting up maybe once a year but it just doesn't feel the same. Just remember, the people who are supposed to be in your life, will be! :)

    Renee | Lose the Road

  4. Oh gosh I know this feeling all too well. I'm that friend too and it really sucks being left out. It also sucks when they "break up" with you or move on from your friendship. But you're absolutely right, you just need to realize that you're better than that and if they can't confront you or talk to you then they probably weren't the best friends to have anyways. Sometimes I think it's because I take things seriously, but then I stop being sensitive and realize that it's probably because we have very different life goals.

    I also just finished a really interesting book that dealt with female friendships and toxic relationships. And the friendship "breakup". The Lie by C.L. Taylor. Pretty good mystery novel!

  5. Getting dumped by a friend always stings and it's always taken me a long time to get over. Probably because I find with female friendships there's rarely the big row that ends a relationship - it's more the ignoring / drifting apart, and that tends to happen on one side only. It's only years later that I can look back and look at things without it hurting.

  6. It's so tough because it seriously makes you doubt yourself - it's a huge blow to the ego, more so than if a boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you.
    Just remember that so many other people love you and enjoy your company. You can't please everyone and it could actually be that they were a bit jealous of you and needed space to make themselves feel better and sort their own problems out.
    Don't fret, we blogging girls will always be here for you!

    Carrie xx

  7. Hi Mariah, what a great post.
    Personally I have to confess that I'm probably the type of person that suddenly stops texting back and honestly I couldn't say why because I'm not sure I know. But I just want you to know that it's not about anyone else but ourselves. And to be honest, at the end of the day, we want to be left alone so bad that we actually end up alone. And that's on us.
    I aspire to be more like you.
    Never give up on friendship even if it seems and feels like everyone else does.



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