BEAUTY: Laura Mercier Matte-to-Metal Holiday Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection

Hello there lovelies.

In this post I'm reviewing Laura Mercier Matte to Metal eye colour collection, which was one of my awesome Christmas presents.

When it comes to eye shadows I have two different types. Black and metallic brown. I really love a good smokey eye. When I was in secondary school I remember buying horrible pink shades that didn't suit my skin colour. So from then on I decided on black (like my heart) and brown (like my skin colour but shimmery) were the only choices for me.

This set contains six mini eyeshadow pencils and claims to glide on smoothly and effortlessly.

Aubergine: This colour is exactly like the vegetable! It's a deep purple and with a dark liner makes your eyes perfect for a dinner out

Ganache: This colour is the closest to my skin colour so it would be my day to day eyeshadow colour. 

Khaki: I found this one to be a mix of colours! Its almost like a olive brown with a shimmery green! I wore this with about five coats of mascara and loved it. Subtle and simple

Amethyst: This colour is like a  shimmery violet colour. With my skin tone, I would wear this in the day time as I feel I'd look like a disco ball

Rose Gold: This is a lovely rosy/copper colour. Once again too light to use on its own, but I enjoyed blending it with other eyeshadows 

Sugar Frost: This is the lightest colour in the collection. Its almost so light that it just seems like I have tinted glitter on my eye.

All of the eyeshadows have a creamy formula and glide on so easy. They last around a whole work day without creasing which I think is amazing! I think they're great for someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow very often as you don't NEED to mix them up to achieve a great look. I prefer the darker colours but it has inspired me to try and experiment with lighter shades.

You can buy it [HERE]

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