PERSONAL: An Open Letter

I've written this so many times.

It's only when my best friend mentioned the word bullying that it all made sense. At first it was simple: me vs you, but I gave up. I couldn't make people feel bad constantly. You continued.

Thanks for never apologising
Thanks for never actually talking to me
Thanks for making me anxious to meet new people
Thanks for treating me like an outsider
Thanks for making me the outsider
Thanks for making me the bad guy every time
Thanks for warping peoples minds about me
Thanks for making me think everyone hates me
Thanks for making me feel awkward in places where I should feel safe
Thanks for being spiteful and mean to my best friend for no reason
Thanks for being so poisonous about my relationship
Thanks for being a terrible friend to my boyfriend
Thanks for being manipulative 
Thanks for making sure I don't get invited to things
Thanks for making me scared to post certain things online in case it causes drama
Thanks for proving the more followers you have doesn't make you a nicer person
Thanks for making me scared to talk to people in case it makes you upset

but also

Thank you for making me think about the more important things in life
Thank you for making me realise only my opinion matters
Thank you for making my relationship stronger by trying to destroy it
Thank you for making me realise there's a lot of fake people out there

I didn't write this to be 'woe is me' or to create some sort of drama. I realised that I've kinda been bullied for a while. I've been too stupid and living in some sort of 'social fear'. That stops now and today. If I lose friends, I'm okay with that.
Shit happens


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  1. This is a very brave step forward and I am so proud of you for doing it. Not everyone can break those chains yet you've proven that despite everything, it can be done and you can still be fabulous whilst doing so. Open letters can go either one of two ways and quite frankly my dear, you have bared all with dignity. People can be valuable lessons.

    Continue to be awesome.



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