LIFESTYLE: 7 Days of Yoga with Yoogaia

I talk a big game when it comes to yoga/pilates. Yes, I do go to classes and do the exercise DVDs but I am absolutely shocking at it. 

Just some thoughts that go through my head during class:

'Omg this hurts my thighs!'
'I can't focus on breathing when I know dinner will be ready once I get in'
'Is this supposed to hurt my thighs so much'
'I wonder if I opened my eyes would someone else be looking around the room'
'How long does it take until I'm good at this?!'
'Why do I bother exercising when everything hurts my thighs?!'
'ugh if I was home I'd be sleeping or really cosy!'

At the Blogging Festival I attended this year there was a stall called Yoogaia. Yoogia is basically like having a yoga instructor in your home. Its an online yoga studio that offers live classes guided by a yoga teacher through your webcam. If you miss a live class you can also watch recordings.

Since my holiday I have been so slack regarding yoga. I can barely touch my toes anymore.  When I go to yoga/pilates, I only attend once a week. So I thought I'd challenge myself: 7 days of yoga using Yoogaia. I want to see if it really works around my schedule, if I can notice a difference within a week, or is this just another thing I'm ridiculously terrible at. 

Welcome to my yoga studio
Here are my diary entries that I have written after each class.

DAY ONE: Sunday Night

I spent most of the weekend ill and exhausted that I even ran to my Mum's to make me feel better. It gets to 9.30pm and I know I'm gonna have trouble sleeping. Luckily Yoogia has a class for winding down called Yogic Sleep Express lead by Greta Lai. Its a 15min calming yoga class which helps you focus on your body rather than your surroundings. A nice way to get you in the sleepy mood!

DAY TWO: Monday Night

After a hard day at work, several train delays and standing for 20 mins on a train that should have been 8 carriages but instead was 4, I was ready to do a yoga class. I decided to pick Easy Yoga led by Patricia Creola. I felt this class really had my body relaxed yet stretched. I think this class is great for beginners or people that have had injuries or trouble with movement. Every move feels simple but beneficial. It does get a bit difficult with the shoulder stand. Maybe I'll learn how to do that soon

DAY THREE: Tuesday Night

The next class I decided to take was all about the Neck and Shoulders hosted by Jennifer Kentrup. This class featured my most hated move...downward dog. I'm always the one at the back of the class who can NEVER do it properly. Once we stopped doing standing poses and end up on the floor I found this class really relaxing and felt like the tension I had throughout the day was released. I also had a great sleep!

My terrible tree pose

DAY FOUR: Wednesday Night

After another day of train delays, I opted for Happy Spine class with Mariann Vella. This class involves a lot of chest and arm stretching. With every single pose I feel taller and stretched. Around 20mins in, we are taught a back bend. When I see these poses on instagram it always looks amazingly difficult. Mariann makes it slow and easy and I was quite impressed as how far back I can go. So far this has been my favourite class!

DAY FIVE: Thursday Night

Tonight I am doing Open the Hips with Jennifer Kentrup. This was the most difficult class I have done. A lot of it was using the legs and putting it in odd (for me) postitions. I even got cramp in my foot twice! OUCH! I think this is quite an advanced class so I don't think I'll attempt again.
DAY SIX: Friday Night

I'm having Mexican tonight and I know I'll eat all the nachos possible so I've decided to start my night with Abs Express with Michael Musch. The class starts with a lot of stretching using your arms but really engaging your core. This class needs a bit of space to move around as you have to move in circles around the mat. You use your legs a lot in this class but it's easier for me as they aren't in difficult positions. I think this was the class that I had the most fun doing and worked up a sweat. I would gladly do this everyday!

DAY SEVEN: Saturday Morning

Today is my last class for the week! I got up and early to start. Linda's LIIT Class. I'm used to doing High Intensity Interval Training so low really intrigued me. One class is only 11 minutes so its great for first thing in the morning. The class I picked has moves we basically do everyday like getting things from the cupboard, but increases the stretch so you feel the benefits. This is a fast paced class, I  really had to pay attention to the moves as they would change quickly. It does have the dreaded plank though!
This is a fun, quick workout for anyone on the go.

There you have it, 7 days of Yoogaia. I decided to only do recordings that were 30mins or less because that's what fit my schedule. I really want to do a live class soon and I might even be brave enough to turn the webcam on!

 Now I know I'm not gonna look like a Victoria Secret model after seven days of doing yoga but I have noticed some differences:

-My posture. I've noticed since doing Happy Spine I sit with a straighter back and feel taller!
- My breathing. Sitting on a train that gets stuck so often really makes me panicky. I've started thinking about how I breathe and I've found that calms me down.

If you sign up to Yoogaia you normally get a 7 day free trial but for my lucky readers you get TWO WEEKS. Just sign up [HERE] and use the code 'STARLASAYS'. Let me know if you do, I wanna hear what you think of it!

Lots of Love

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