I've been with my boyfriend since I was 17. It was during college and literally everyone was getting into couples. Most didn't survive very long, but I have been with Joey for over six and a half years. 

(Yeah, that's the first photo of us ever taken. Look at my hair length and chiseled jaw. Ahhh life before the steroids. Don't get me started on Joeys 'fro, broken glasses and horrid beads he constantly wore. I think he may even have a uni brow going on)

 I always get the same questions and statements 'Don't you think you've settled down too quickly?', 'You haven't even lived!', 'You haven't even enjoyed your life'. The truth is I like having Joey around. I don't feel like I've 'settled', judging from the pain I go through with my thighs I'm pretty sure I'm living and I am 100% enjoying my life.

I do want to enjoy my life more. Push the boundaries. I'm tired of letting my fear and anxiety take over. So we bought a map.

 We placed stickers on where we've been, where we are going to go, and where would be a dream to go. The blue dots are Joey and the red dots are mine!

I must admit, I did feel like a child playing with stickers but it was so fun and exciting thinking of all the places we want to go.

Yup this is me, no make up, no fancy clothes or hair brush. Just in my Ninja turtles jammies

I totally understand that nothing lasts forever. This time next year we might not even be together. I've never wanted to be one of those girls who live in a fairy-tale and wish for a happy ending. I believe you should be independent and make your own happy endings. Certain people can be involved or not. Whether its a friend, partner or family member.

So this ones for everyone who looks down at people in long term relationships. Just because we're young doesn't make it some sort of prison sentence. It doesn't make me boring or 'under the thumb'. It doesn't mean I can't leave the house without him. It doesn't mean that I cant have a girlie night out/in. It doesn't mean I'm not allowed to talk to guys. 

It just means I have someone that means a lot to me. And now someone to travel the world with.

Where are your dream destinations guys? I might add it our map!

Lots of Love

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  1. I love this! I bought the scratch map and it's got me obsessed.
    Working in travel is a killer because I want to go to so many amazing (but expensive!!) places - French Polynesia, Galapagos, Easter Island... ha


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