LIFESTYLE: October Goals

Where am I going?
Hello Lovelies. Is anyone else still in shock that it's practically Autumn?! I feel like I was only planning my birthday last week.

September/October always feels like a time for change. I'm not sure if that links back to school and starting the new year but I always feel like I have to challenge myself and try something new from September on-wards. I felt like it would be a good idea to come and write down my goals.

Spend less time on my phone

I think almost everyone is addicted to their phone. I absolutely HATE that I keep looking at my social media accounts every five minutes. This month I'm going to try and turn my phone off...or at least keep it in the bedroom when I'm having dinner. I realise I don't need to snapchat/instagram EVERYTHING I eat.

 Being a blogger, it does give me mixed feelings. Part of me does want to share with you guys what I'm doing. Whether it's baking, eating, what I've bought or singing one direction in the car. Yet another part of me feels like I'm selling out or people just aren't interested. What do you guys think about it?

Explore London more

I am honestly the WORST Londoner ever. I have no idea where I'm going half of the time. I'm great with the tube, but once you reach outside... Lost. Completely lost. I want to spend the rest of this year exploring London. Getting lost on purpose...not when I have a specific time to meet someone. 

Be Social

This links with 1 & 2. I really need to keep in touch with my friends more. Everyone is getting married, buying houses, building businesses or travelling its hard to see people. Also, a lot of people have so much going on in their lives that finally getting to sit down over good food (possibly cocktails) and ranting away feels good! I wanna be that girl people can just rant to and feel better because of it. Even if it means hanging out with someone who used to be mean to me.

Be Brave

The original subtitle for this one was going to be 'Stop being a little bitch, bitch!', but I stopped myself. I miss out on so many opportunities because my anxiety gets in the way. My bf is going to America next year and I refused to go because I'm so scared of flying. I did swim in the sea twice this year which I am really proud of. I just really want to be strong and willing to do new exciting things. Possibly a baking class, or taking up a new hobby.

Stop the Comparisons

Most of the people I speak to have social media, and they (well me included) are always comparing themselves to people on instagram/twitter. Who do I compare myself to? Kendall Jenner, Victoria Secret models, even other bloggers. Sometimes I need reminding that we all are different people and live our lives differently. Just because someones life looks amazing on social media doesn't mean it is. There could be someone showing off how great their job is, yet in reality they want to leave and hate it. I'm slowly learning that some things just aren't what they see.

What are your goals for October? I hate how cold and miserable it's getting, but I think I must be the only one!

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