BEAUTY: Silky Underwear by Lush

Hello Lovelies! As you know Lush is one of my favourite stores and since I work next to a HUGE shopping centre I'm in there every week!

My latest purchase is Silky Underwear dusting powder. I haven't used any sort of dusting/talc powder since I was a child at my Gran's, but I smelt this in the shop and HAD to have it!

Thankfully it doesn't smell like weird stale roses like my Gran's used to, but instead a lovely light cocoa butter fragrance. It's simple to use- just dust it over yourself after a bath or shower and you are good to go. It leaves you feeling smooth and smelling so fresh. It's the complete opposite to the fruity smells I normally use but I really like it.

dusty hand!
I actually had an ulterior motive buying this...sweat. Unfortunately I don't have the perfect bodaaay (whatever that is). I have large boobs and thick thighs *sigh*. A sprinkle under the lady lumps really stops the annoying/embarrassing/kinda disgusting boob sweat. It also stops the horrible chaffing between my thighs. So I just think this product is great for the summer (I think we're in summer) months.

Has anyone else tried this? Or know that weird stale rose smell I'm talking about? Comment below (and make my day!)

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