BEAUTY: MAC False Lashes Extreme Black

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Today I'm going to review MAC's False Lashes Extreme Black as it is becoming one of my favourite mascaras in my make up bag.

I first tried this mascara as I got a tester from buying a lipstick online. I wouldn't use it often but when I did I loved it.

How cute is the tester?! I kept this in my work bag, just incase I forgot to put mascara on. Everytime I used it I kept telling myself to buy the bigger version.

Lets talk lashes! It's a thin light brush which surprised me as I thought most lengthening brushes were thick. 

Now I know I already have black lashes, but when I use this they seem like they have a such a defined blackness to them. I think it will be great to use on a night when I need a  smokey eye. 

It also really lengthens my lashes. If you guys follow me on Twitter, I'm constantly talking about wanting to get eyelash extensions, buuuuut I'm too lazy. This is such a quick way to get long dark lashes in minutes.

Right Eye with mascara

Left Eye without
*Lets NOT talk about how puffy and ugly I am without makeup at 6am. A liter of water before work and foundation really does wonders*

I've found that this mascara doesn't clump your lashes either. I'm really tired of wanting longer lashes then putting more coats on in order for it to clump and look terrible. I get the results with one coat of this mascara. But I do use two to get it looking amazing!

Major apologies for the bare faced/extremely bad in every way photo. I CANNOT take a good selfie or photo of my eye for my life. The stress this post gave me was insane. I wanted to give you an honest review and I felt it wouldn't be the same without a photo. I'm learning guys so bare with me!

What do you guys think? Would you buy it? 
You can purchase the mascara [HERE]

Lots of Love

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