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Hello Everyone!

My blog just had a make over. Look at me being all fashion blogger like! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

For a while I was feeling like my blog was just 'meh' so the last few weeks I've been planning a whole revamp of my blog. It's still going to be the same content: Beauty, Lifestyle and Food, but I'm gonna add some fashion posts to the mix!

I'm still doing personalised meal and exercise plans and trying to build a mini business with it. So if there is anyone that wants to lose weight, get healthy or just know more about the food we're eating. Just email me [HERE] #GIRLBOSS

I knew if I really wanted to go for it this time with my blog I have to be professional. You guys know how much I love pink, and I would love to have my blog be the brightest pink around. Unfortunately, I know that would hurt everyone's eyes so I have a light pink and white scheme. I've also been working on my photography. Looking at my old posts I'm shocked to even say I have an A-Level in photography. I just point and shoot without thinking about the lighting and composition. That's gonna change now my friends haha!

I also bought business cards! 

Whenever I go to blogging events I start chatting away to someone and the question 'So do you have a business card?' is uttered. I tend to just go blank and say 'ummm...nooooo' and then feel embarrassed for the rest of the event! Hopefully this will be a good investment and will help my blog grow and be really professional!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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