LIFESTYLE: Getting Through Your First Day at Work

Your CV is awesome. You nailed the interview. You got the job (finally). Now how do you complete your first day without doing a Homer Simpson?

I am literally a ball of anxiety. So the days leading up to my first day I was a complete wreak. I was constantly thinking the worst and stressing about stupid things. By the time my first day was over I felt silly but most of all tired relaxed. The only reason I felt so relaxed is because I prepared ALOT before my first day. Here are my top tips for your first day!

1. Know Where You're Going and How to Get There

This kinda applies for the interview stage too, but as I didn't even have an interview I had to google maps it several hundred times. I checked tfl too to find the quickest and easiest way to get there. Knowing London transport I made sure that I knew more than one way to get there and get home just in case there were any delays.

2. Research the Company

Another one that helps with the interview too. Remember how good you are at stalking your ex's new girlfriend? Those skills now come in handy. I checked out my boss and future co-workers on linkedin... then facebook to see them in their REAL state. This way you know who you're dealing with and what the company is like. 

3. Get a Good Nights Sleep

I have trouble with this on a normal night let alone while worried about a new job! I normally have a hot bath with an amazing lush bath bomb. I find that really relaxes me and calms my body down. Then before bed I have a chamomile tea. As you all know, I am OBSESSED with herbal teas and I find this one the calmest.  

4. Plan Your Outfit

This was almost gonna be 'check the weather', but it's basically the same feeling. Always dress smart, but think of the weather. I know we're supposed to be in July which should mean dresses and skirts but I wore a dress, my thickest tights and boots. I also packed an umbrella which was super handy! As silly as it sounds make sure its clean and ironed! You don't want to look sloppy and disorganised.

5. Be As Polite As You Possibly Can

My Gran always used to tell me 'there's nothing wrong with being nice' and I completely agree with her. Always introduce yourself politely, smile and remember your manners. First impressions really count so make sure it's a good one.

Whoop, I completed my first week at work. It was tough AND scary but I'm so glad I'm back in the habit. What tips do you guys have for first day working? Comment below

Lots of Love

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