LIFESTYLE: Life Update

I know, I disappeared of the blogging planet again. I really do apologise.

I'm really trying to see where I fit in the blogging world or if I even belong here. Life is so crazy at the moment with my health, family and friends I barely have time to think about things I enjoy.

I've had two holidays recently which have really allowed me to escape the world a bit. I found out that I really am addicted to my phone/social media *hides face*. It's absolutely terrible. So I have deleted facebook and as soon as both Teddy and I are home I only look at my phone on the steps!

I've also thought about things that stop me from doing certain things. Obviously my illness stops me from doing anything amazingly strenuous but I really wanted to make my own little achievements. This year... I swam in the sea. 

Unflattering...but I'm on my way into the sea!!
The idea alone used to terrify me! I always used to say 'you can't touch the bottom, and if you do you're dead'. I'm so glad I did it and don't feel so afraid any more.

Do you guys have anything you're afraid of doing? Let me know below!

Lots of Love

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  1. As you know I am basically afraid of everything ha! Dead proud of you for swimming in the sea though. :)


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