HEALTHY LIVING: Kettlebell Exercises

Hey loves, if you follow me on Snapchat or instagram you'll know that I have bought a kettlebell! Kettlebells are becoming increasingly popular, and since I am too lazy busy to go to a class everyday I have found a couple of exercises to combine cardio and strength training. 

Now I am a complete and utter weakling, so I have chosen a 4kg weight. To see if the kettlebell is the right weight for you lift it above your head. If you can reach above your head and hold for a few seconds without arching your back it should be perfect!

*I am not a personal trainer or anything like that, these are just some exercises I've done in class/read about online and do at home*

So get ready for THE most unflattering photos of all time while I show you some great exercises
Exercise One: Deadlift
Hold the kettlebell in your left hand and lift your right foot. Lean your torso forward and your right leg should be in line with your body.

I have such difficulty with this one as my thighs just aren't strong enough yet, you can clearly see my leg can't get high or straight enough yet but with every day I'm getting better!

Exercise Two: Squats!!

First of all if you don't know how to squat by now we can't be friends. Nevertheless, squatting with kettlebells adds a difference.
Start with your feet wide, have the kettlebell in front of you and squat til you you're parallel to the ground

Angry mid squat pose haha!
Exercise Three: Swinging Squat!

This is actually my favourite exercise as I feel it uses more muscles than the others. Start off in the squat position with the kettlebell between your legs. Then press into your feet and stand up while swinging the kettlebell in front of you

Exercise Four: Around the world!
This one is pretty easy. Have your knees slightly bend and transfer the kettlebell around your body keeping it at the same level.

There you have it, more photos of me embarrassing myself for the sake of fitness and this blog. Let me know below what you think guys

lots of love


  1. Love this post and would love to see more fitness ones! I really need to get a kettlebell or some hands weights! x

    1. I might start doing more soon!
      Yess... so cheap on amazon

  2. Girl as i said earlier, you are literally my personal online trainer and your posts are so relate-able!
    p.s why aint i got you on snapchat haha xoxo


    1. HAHAHA I do try.
      Thank you :)
      I'm Starlasays on snapchat

  3. Great post!, I've wanting to add weights to my fitness routine for ages, I may try the kettle-ball! :)

    1. I think its made such a difference to my fitness and strength

    2. I think its made such a difference to my fitness and strength

  4. Girl, you're looking good!

    I love using the kettlebell - and my favourite is the swinging squat too! Such a great way to combine cardio and strength training :)

    Another great one is the wall sit - do a normal wall sit and hold the kettlebell to your chest, or to make it even harder stretch your arms horizontally and hold the kettlebell!

    Great post Mariah!! :)

    Hazel xx


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