BEAUTY/LIFESTYLE: Get Summer Ready With Me:Legs

Okay, technically legs are part of the body BUT I really wanted them to be extra smooth and nice for my holiday.

Luckily, I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try out some new veet products for the blog and I thought it would be great to add with my GSRWM series.

Veet are a company that specialises in home hair removal. They have hot wax, waxing strips and hair removal cream. Considering I'm too much of huge scaredy cat to do waxing at home, I decided to go for hair removal cream.

Back in my teen days (wow so long ago) I tried the hair removal cream and wasn't impressed so I was hopeful that it would be better after years of practice.

The one I used has grape seed oil which leaves your skin moisturised and soft.
You simply need to fully coat your hair with the cream using the spatula included. You then leave on for 5/10 mins which is enough time to take some photos and dance to major lazers new song. You then use the spatula to scoop the cream and hair off your legs. Then shower your skin to completely remove the cream.

I was completely shocked at how well this worked. I'm only comparing it to the time I tried it about a decade ago but ALL my hair was removed and my skin was completely soft. It even got the tiny little hairs. It wasn't very time consuming either. It literally took me a minute to put the cream on, 10 minute wait, 2 minutes to take the cream off and then I just showered! While it was working there wasn't a strong  horrible chemical smell either. 

Veet have really improved on the hair removal products. It even works out cheaper buying this than getting a half leg wax or buying razors. I definitely think I'll keep using it rather than paying crying getting a wax done! You can buy it [HERE]

Have you guys ever used veet? Let me know in the comments below

Lots of Love

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