LIFESTYLE: Things That Make Me Smile

I'm having a tough time recently. I spend a lot of time ridiculously upset about things my doctors have told me or how my money just never seems to last. I've been inspired by Katy over at little winter post about Five Happy Things. So I decided to make my own list.

My Flat: I have my own flat (well obviously shared with Teddy). I moved out when I was 21 and I love it. Even though we are on our third flat (thanks annoying landlords) I feel really happy in this one. I like how Luca hides behind the boiler so when he snores it vibrates through the flat. I like how big our room is. I like that our front room can have a dining room table. 

My Support Network: For ages I used to think the more friends you have the less alone you'll be. Now I know that's nonsense. I'm thankful for all the people that's there for me regardless.

My Strength: I can plank for 30 seconds. Not bad for a girl who has damaged legs and thighs. 

Cooking Books: I have never been much of a cook. In fact sharp knifes and gas cookers scare me. Recently I've been obsessed with cooking clean and healthy. Madeline Shaw's book is fantastic

Crap Television: Okay, so I'm mainly talking about the Kardashians. But I honestly love watching them. They fascinate me with their crazy antics. And it's like having your favourite spice girl. Are you Obsessed with yourself like Kim? Are you the mature one like Kourtney. Or the badass bitch like Khloe? It's shows like this that just let me wind down and not have to think about real life and I love it. Also Rich Kids of Beverly Hills...I am Morgan!

What are some of your things that make you smile? Let me know below

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