BEAUTY/LIFESTYLE: Get Summer Ready With Me: Body

Hello lovelies. Today I'm talking about getting my body all ready for summer. 

I'm the type of girl who can't wait for summer to wear shorts and dresses so I like my body looking all smooth and nice.

I'll admit I did up my exercise game by doing boxercise every night and cutting down on sugar, but that doesn't mean I think you need to lose weight to be summer ready!

To get my skin really smooth I always use a body brush. The one I use I got from Superdrug which you can buy [HERE]. Dry brushing is great for smooth skin but also great health wise. It gets rid of your dead skin cells encourages growth of new healthy ones, it stimulates nerve endings so your nervous system is rejuvenated and even apparently helps with cellulite!

Now this proves I'm the crappiest blogger in the world... I took a photo of a product and I've already been using it. BUT Franks coffee scrub is amazing. It literally is ground coffee as a scrub. You simply get in the shower, then scrub it on your skin, wait 5-10 mins and wash off. I have never had softer skin in my life! It's good for cellulite, scars and psoriasis. You can buy it [HERE]  

So that's how I get my skin soft and glowing for holiday. Have any of you guys used these products at all? Let me know below!

Love Mariah

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