As some of you guys know, I have another blog called AmoCALI that post recipes on with Teddy. Our goal is to start a restaurant where we cook our favourite recipes. Teddy cooks the starters and mains, and I make the desserts. We decided to try out a sample menu on guinea pigs our friends.

I really enjoy having some of my closest friends around my flat. It makes me feel really adult and a good way to wind down from a tough week.
The Menu
Chicken Wings
Pork Tacos
Mac 'n' Cheese

Chocolate Banana Bread
Caramel Tart
Chocolate Ganache Tart

I wish I took better photos! Next time!

 I spent the morning cleaning and making things look nice. My Mum always used to tell me 'People judge you on how clean your toilet is' So guess who was scrubbing the toilet at 10am?! 

I started cooking around 12ish as I was making shortcrust pastry from scratch (why Mariah, why?). I knew that there would be mistakes, like adding too much cream to the ganache, or not making enough pastry for the pastry tray, or the top of the banana bread being cooked and the inside being absolute mush! 

Here are my tips for having a stress free dinner party/get together

1. Start early! Like I said, mistakes could happen and its easy to get stressed in the kitchen.

2. Cook something you've made before. It's time to impress, not to get get over confident!

3. Find out beforehand if there's anyone with allergies or vegetarian. Make sure you have enough food for them too.

4.Flowers always look good Enough said

5.Make a playlist Unfortunately I didn't have to do this and then had to watch Die Hard. Teddy and I were oh so happy about that!

6. Difficult People There's always going to be someone that causes some sort of difficulty. Whether something isn't cooked to their liking, or being very opinionated, or eating before coming to the dinner party (seriously, why do that?!), something will happen. Just take a deep breath, try and sort it out and it will be fine!

7. Buy some containers There could be leftovers people want!

How do you guys like my menu? I really enjoyed the night and thought Teddys idea of cooking to order gave it a real restaurant feel!
Comment below if you want recipes of anything made! Please give our food blog a follow and let us know what you wanna see [HERE]

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  1. That mac n cheese looks heavenly!
    There's nothing worse than having to cook for someone difficult, especially when you go to loads of effort and they still complain :(


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