BEAUTY: My Favourites from Lush's Valentines Range

Love is in the air do-do do-do do-do! Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone's favourite bath time shop is celebrating. They have lots of bubble bars and bath bombs but these are my two favourites!

Unicorn Bubble Bar
Okay, I'll confess... This is actually my 3rd bubble bar this year. It's my favourite lush product ever, overtaking Snow Fairy! First of all look how pretty it is. I love the colours and that it's called 'Unicorn' so it makes it feel magical. The smell is lavender so it makes your bath so relaxing. I also found my skin really soft after getting out. If you've used a bubble bar before you'll know you simply crushing in your hands under the water.

Prince Charming
In need of a Prince Charming? Here's one for your shower. I was expecting this to smell really sweet but it smells like an expensive perfume (okay that was the worst description ever). It has vanilla, marshmallow root and pomegranate to create that gorgeous smell. I'm not sure if its me and I'm and eager beaver with snow fairy but this shower gel seems to last a lot longer than others I've bought. I might have to stock up!

So those are my favourites! What's everyone's plans for Valentines Day? Teddy and I don't really celebrate it with cards or flowers but get a chinese takeaway with LOTS of ribs. I hope everyone spreads the love around this weekend. I might even do a Valentines themed foodie post!

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  1. Unicorn Horn and Prince Charming sound sooo amazing, i must pick them up!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Unicorn Horn is also now my favourite ever Lush product! Cannot get enough x

  3. I love the Unicorn Horn too - it seems to be EVERYONE'S favourite!
    I'm going out for dinner tomorrow but then Jake's going to Fulham for the football on Saturday so I'm gonna drive home and have a girly day with my mum! :) Jealous of your Chinese ha xx

  4. I wanted to try Prince Charming! x

  5. Hi Mariah, Thanks for sending your blog through to the Blogging Gals community.

    I am a big believer in Lush products and was so tempted to buy some of the Valentines range for myself. I did end up buying heart-throb and sex bomb as cheeky Valentine's gifts haha. Thanks again for sharing!

    Zaineb - Blogging Gals Founder |


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