PERSONAL: Stressed over Success

Well Hi there! You would think with all this free time I have I'd be blogging more, but alas, I just sit on social media, watch Kardashians and do my charity work all day. If I get a job where I never have to look at an excel spreadsheet I'll be very happy.

I feel like as everyone is getting older, we're becoming more stressed about our lives. So many people have depression, anxiety and are just sad. Its horrible to see friends feeling like they aren't good enough or haven't achieved enough in their lives. But I totally understand.

My best friend found love and now is travelling around America with a theatre company. Another friend is working in Australia and another is working in Dubai. I have photographers, musicians, comedians as friends. Meanwhile I'm sitting on my bed wondering if Teddy/the scales will be angry if I eat the last doughnut. I'm almost 24 and I feel like I've done nothing with my life.

Speaking with my awesome best friend Becca, we think social media can really mess with peoples self esteem. Instagram is filled with people showing off their goodies, bodies, adventures, happy coupleyness, and lots of food. I'll admit I do it, but I also look at others and think 'why isn't that me?'

You never really know what's going on with someone. Their instagram feed could be filled with the most amazing things but in reality they could be miserable. Never judge a book by it's cover. 

I think we should learn to find the little good things in our lives rather than the bad. I know that's one of the most difficult things in the world to do but I think it makes life easier. I hate the fact I barely have an income, but I have boyfriend that cooks for me every night. I may not have a full clique but I have a best friend that's amazing. 

Bad breakup and heartbroken? That's fine, nothing is certain in life. Stop comparing yourself to other couples that are still together. Your self worth isn't defined by a relationship. Dry your eyes and get stronger. And don't be a bitch to your friends.

So that's my latest rant. Live in the moment. Life doesn't follow a set of rules. Shit happens. It's what you do after the shit that matters, that's what makes you awesome!

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BEAUTY: My Favourites from Lush's Valentines Range

Love is in the air do-do do-do do-do! Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone's favourite bath time shop is celebrating. They have lots of bubble bars and bath bombs but these are my two favourites!

Unicorn Bubble Bar
Okay, I'll confess... This is actually my 3rd bubble bar this year. It's my favourite lush product ever, overtaking Snow Fairy! First of all look how pretty it is. I love the colours and that it's called 'Unicorn' so it makes it feel magical. The smell is lavender so it makes your bath so relaxing. I also found my skin really soft after getting out. If you've used a bubble bar before you'll know you simply crushing in your hands under the water.

Prince Charming
In need of a Prince Charming? Here's one for your shower. I was expecting this to smell really sweet but it smells like an expensive perfume (okay that was the worst description ever). It has vanilla, marshmallow root and pomegranate to create that gorgeous smell. I'm not sure if its me and I'm and eager beaver with snow fairy but this shower gel seems to last a lot longer than others I've bought. I might have to stock up!

So those are my favourites! What's everyone's plans for Valentines Day? Teddy and I don't really celebrate it with cards or flowers but get a chinese takeaway with LOTS of ribs. I hope everyone spreads the love around this weekend. I might even do a Valentines themed foodie post!

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LIFESTYLE: Life Update

It's been so long I've actually forgotten how to type properly! Hello my lovely internet friends, I'm back blogging! I'll keep it short as I know how annoying long update posts are.
Job Hunting
Yep. It sucks, but I'm so glad I'm not in that job anymore. I know a lot of people hate their jobs, but if a job makes you utterly miserable is it worth it? Nope. So I'm looking for a job that I'll actually like getting up for. The lack of money is HIGHLY annoying though.

After Christmas I really wanted to kickstart my fitness regime. I'm on holiday to Nice later this year so I really wanted to look my best in a bikini. I had lost 6 pounds in a month by upping my protein intake, having less carbs and using my fitbit religiously. That was until I heard I was getting sick again...

I went to visit my Mum and I had a letter saying my blood test showed that the inflammation in my thighs were slightly high. I've been feeling weak and rubbish for a while but figured its from the exercise I'd been doing. Cue hours of crying 'WHY ME?!' and eating my feelings for a week. I did another couple of blood tests and while they are still slightly high my doctor isn't worried.

Speaking through sobs with my nurse I asked if there was anything I could do in regards to my diet. She said research 'GLUTEN FREE'. I love cake, bread and instant chicken noodles so those words terrified me. I did some research and found that many people who have autoimmune diseases that have taken up a gluten free lifestyle feel much better and less likely to have flares. I will do a post about starting a gluten free diet soon guys. There might even be a sneaky recipe or two!

I love doing this blog. I've made so many friends with it and I love writing all the content. I just get stuck with how far I want it to go. I always feel like a sell out if I post something on my twitter or instagram to do with my blog. As if people will hate me. It's an odd feeling... and one I really need to get over.

I promise I have lots of cool things coming up for the blog this year. I'm so excited!

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