BEAUTY: Blackhead Killer Gift Box*

As my readers know I get some products from style lux to review and recently I have got the Blackhead Killer Gift Box

I've used the blackhead killer mask before you can read about that [HERE] and I thought it was great so trying this out was going to be fun. Now recently I've had such sensitive skin so it's taken me a while to use it but I'm glad I have.

First you start off with the cleanser. It's like the typical cleansers you use: prepares the skin for the next phase by opening up your pores and removing dirt. I like how it's a gel rather than a liquid or cream like most cleansers. It just felt like I always get the right amount needed

As i've already review the mask before, I'll just leave the link here again [LINK]

Finally you use the moisturiser. I'm really picky about moisturisers as my face ALWAYS looks shiny, so whenever my skin is healthy I tend to use a mattifing one. This one surprised me. It's light and doesn't have much of a smell. The first time I used it i found my face (mainly my stupid forehead) to be super shiny, but the second time I used it I decided to use a lot less and VOILA- no shiny Mariah!

I quite enjoyed using this. It wouldn't be something I use daily...but possibly for my sunday pamper session.

You can find this over [HERE]

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  1. I definitely need this!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. ooo i've never heard of this brand before! i like the look of the cleanser! i've had really sensitive skin recently to awful isn't it!

    1. Its the worst! E45 is my best friend at the moment!


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