BEAUTY: W7 Ebony Range

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to be asked to try W7 new ebony range for my blog.
They sent me cream foundation, concealer and two lipsticks to try.

 For anyone who doesn't know about W7, they sell good quality,reasonably priced make up

First off...the foundation.

I was sent 'Mocha 5' which suited me perfectly. I found it very light and easy to put on. It also stayed on for a whole work day and didn't cake.

It has very convenient packaging. It has a mirror and is small enough to put in your bag. I didn't like the sponge that came with it as it wasn't great to apply the product with.
Once again... my fitbit wants to make an appearance

Next the concealer!

I'm very wary of concealers for dark skin tones as they tend to make them quite yellow-y. But this went well with the foundation and couldn't easily be seen. It's also uses a lip gloss brush (there must be a proper name for it) for easy application.


The two lipsticks I was given were Chic and Eternal Flame

They even had the cute w7 sign on them!

Eternal Flame/Chic

The colours really go well with darker skin. It was easy to apply and had a soft shimmer to it so I didn't need a gloss on top. It doesn't dry out through the day but I found I was always topping it up.

From the products I have used, I think w7 ebony range is great. I find it really refreshing that there are more companies catering to other skin tones. I know several people that have to save to buy high end products, so having an affordable alternative is wicked!

You can buy the range from Asda and TKmaxx stores

What are your views on w7? Have you used any products before? Comment below lovelies!!

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BEAUTY: Blackhead Killer Gift Box*

As my readers know I get some products from style lux to review and recently I have got the Blackhead Killer Gift Box

I've used the blackhead killer mask before you can read about that [HERE] and I thought it was great so trying this out was going to be fun. Now recently I've had such sensitive skin so it's taken me a while to use it but I'm glad I have.

First you start off with the cleanser. It's like the typical cleansers you use: prepares the skin for the next phase by opening up your pores and removing dirt. I like how it's a gel rather than a liquid or cream like most cleansers. It just felt like I always get the right amount needed

As i've already review the mask before, I'll just leave the link here again [LINK]

Finally you use the moisturiser. I'm really picky about moisturisers as my face ALWAYS looks shiny, so whenever my skin is healthy I tend to use a mattifing one. This one surprised me. It's light and doesn't have much of a smell. The first time I used it i found my face (mainly my stupid forehead) to be super shiny, but the second time I used it I decided to use a lot less and VOILA- no shiny Mariah!

I quite enjoyed using this. It wouldn't be something I use daily...but possibly for my sunday pamper session.

You can find this over [HERE]

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BEAUTY: MAC Ruby Woo & Cherry Lip Liner!

It's only recently that I've become obsessed with MAC products. I'm currently buying one lipstick a month.  Everyone needs a red lippie in their life so I've gone for the classic Ruby Woo along with the cherry lip liner.

It's from the matte collection, so I tend to use a lip scrub and a soft lip balm before so I don't have horrible cracked lips.

Then (because I am secretly a five year old and need to colour in the lines) I use Cherry lipliner. I don't tend to overline my lips, as I think my lips are big enough to rival Kylie Jenner

Excuse my fitbit in the photo

Next I apply the lippie. Now due to the fact that it's a matte colour it doesn't go on AS smoothly. Saying isn't difficult to get to the correct coverage on your lips

And voila! My new to go to lip colour. I have honestly been wearing this colour non stop! It makes any outfit jazzy and works so well with a winged eyeliner

I've actually heard MAC are releasing a Ruby Woo lipliner so I have to put that on my wish list!

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? 
Can I just say what a bitch it was to take a decent photo of my lips?! Jheez!!
Comment below as usual guys and remember to leave your links!
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HEALTHY LIVING: 2015- The Year of Me

I've decided that 2015 is going to be the year of me. It's my ultimate goal to be healthy and happy. It's finding ways how to that's hard

Everyone is trying to lose weight in January- Blame Christmas- but I'm trying really hard to build muscle and tone up. I've just bought protein powder to make shakes (I'm not sure how that's gonna affect my illness but so far so good). I've started doing T25 this week. Think of it like a less intense insanity! My new favourite gadget is my fitbit. You wear it on your wrist and it tracks your water and calorie intake and even how much you sleep. I'll be writing a review on both T25 and the Fitbit soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Luca helping me out after my first T25 workout

I've started using an app called headspace to help me meditate. Each meditation is only 10mins long, so it barely feels like you're giving time up in your day. I've found it really helpful, I feel so much more relaxed and zen after a session!

I wanted to read more books this year, and I've started with #Girlboss. Its by the creator of Nasty Girl. I think every woman should read it. I feel so GRRR and ready for action after each chapter!

This week I am offically unemployed...well kinda. I just don't have a 9-5 job anymore. I've never felt so happy to be out of work. Lets hope this feeling lasts!

How are you all? Comment below
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BEAUTY: My Winter Saviours

It is absolutely freezing! There's no snow in London but I do not cope with the cold weather well. I thought I'd give you my winter saviours that are getting me through and looking human!


Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads
I could be Nip + Fabs spokeswoman, I honestly have so many products. These dragon fix pads sound like they're Game of Thrones merch but they're great for your face. The have hyaluronic acid which makes your skin look brighter and more awake, it also has witch hazel which helps prevent spots

St Ives Apricot Scrub
I ALWAYS use this, but as my skin is getting drier I have switched to the gentle version of this product


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This is the first product I ever bought from Lush and I always repurchase it. Its great for dry and chapped lips. Plus it tastes like bubblegum and I keep ACCIDENTALLY eating it

Nivea Hydro Care
This is currently my go to lip balm. It's long lasting, non greasy and has aloe vera in it.


E45 Moisturising Lotion
I have eczema so I hate changing my moisturiser so often but E45 is an absolute classic! My legs get so dry stuck in jeans/trousers so I needed to go back to something that's very hydrating. It's not too heavy or greasy. It absobs into my skin easy and keeps it hydrated til my next shower. 

What are your winter saviours? Am I the only one praying that Spring/Summer comes soon?! Comment below lovelies, and remember to follow me!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year lovelies!

I know, I haven't blogged much. I just really haven't been in the right mindset. Leaving my job has both been a blessing and a curse. I'm excited for the next step, but also scared that I'm gonna be unemployed forever. EEK!

This is a post about my goals for this year. Not a New Year, New Me post, but a written target

Embracing Buddhism
Recently I've been reading a lot about Buddhism and have decided that I would like to reach enlightenment. Its complicated, I haven't changed religions or anything, I just believe in the way Buddhists live and their beliefs. It's going to be a struggle as that means no alcohol but hopefully I can do it as I reaching enlightenment would be the greatest gift

This is my blogging year! I feel like I've acted quite safe in regards to blogging. I review something and that's it. But I want to give my followers something unique. I want to show you guys the real me. So my goal this year is to connect more with you guys, and I want you guys to talk to me too! I'm friendly I promise

 Social Life
I spent most of last year feeling alone. I felt like most of my friendships were onesided...meaning I was the one doing all the work. I was the one making them feel better after a crappy day and not getting a thank you, I was the one suggesting to go out and not getting a reply. In the end I just felt sad and lonely even once I did get out. So my goal is to meet new people that understand friendships, that are interesting, people that care and no bullshit! Say hey if that's you lol!

New Job
Well this is a biggie. Job= rent/pretty things for Mariah. I just want a job where I'm treated fairly with a nice environment. In all my years of working I haven't found that yet!

As some of you know, Teddy and I have started a blog, You can see it [HERE]. I'd really like it to take off and people to get interested. Check it out and give us a follow on bloglovin and instagram!

I'm so jealous of everyone travelling this year. I really want to see the world but my anxiety takes over and I just get stuck in London. This year I'm going to Paris, Nice and St Tropez but hoping to book somewhere else!

So that's my goals for this year. Let me know what you think. 
Comment below with links to your goals and I'll drop you a comment


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