PERSONAL: An Open Letter

I've written this so many times.

It's only when my best friend mentioned the word bullying that it all made sense. At first it was simple: me vs you, but I gave up. I couldn't make people feel bad constantly. You continued.

Thanks for never apologising
Thanks for never actually talking to me
Thanks for making me anxious to meet new people
Thanks for treating me like an outsider
Thanks for making me the outsider
Thanks for making me the bad guy every time
Thanks for warping peoples minds about me
Thanks for making me think everyone hates me
Thanks for making me feel awkward in places where I should feel safe
Thanks for being spiteful and mean to my best friend for no reason
Thanks for being so poisonous about my relationship
Thanks for being a terrible friend to my boyfriend
Thanks for being manipulative 
Thanks for making sure I don't get invited to things
Thanks for making me scared to post certain things online in case it causes drama
Thanks for proving the more followers you have doesn't make you a nicer person
Thanks for making me scared to talk to people in case it makes you upset

but also

Thank you for making me think about the more important things in life
Thank you for making me realise only my opinion matters
Thank you for making my relationship stronger by trying to destroy it
Thank you for making me realise there's a lot of fake people out there

I didn't write this to be 'woe is me' or to create some sort of drama. I realised that I've kinda been bullied for a while. I've been too stupid and living in some sort of 'social fear'. That stops now and today. If I lose friends, I'm okay with that.
Shit happens


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Where am I going?

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Hello Everyone!

My blog just had a make over. Look at me being all fashion blogger like! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

For a while I was feeling like my blog was just 'meh' so the last few weeks I've been planning a whole revamp of my blog. It's still going to be the same content: Beauty, Lifestyle and Food, but I'm gonna add some fashion posts to the mix!

I'm still doing personalised meal and exercise plans and trying to build a mini business with it. So if there is anyone that wants to lose weight, get healthy or just know more about the food we're eating. Just email me [HERE] #GIRLBOSS

I knew if I really wanted to go for it this time with my blog I have to be professional. You guys know how much I love pink, and I would love to have my blog be the brightest pink around. Unfortunately, I know that would hurt everyone's eyes so I have a light pink and white scheme. I've also been working on my photography. Looking at my old posts I'm shocked to even say I have an A-Level in photography. I just point and shoot without thinking about the lighting and composition. That's gonna change now my friends haha!

I also bought business cards! 

Whenever I go to blogging events I start chatting away to someone and the question 'So do you have a business card?' is uttered. I tend to just go blank and say 'ummm...nooooo' and then feel embarrassed for the rest of the event! Hopefully this will be a good investment and will help my blog grow and be really professional!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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RECIPE: Gluten Free Coconut Bread

If you follow me on instagram you'll probably know I've been obsessed with cooking/baking. I'm sorry, I'll stop soon. On my blog, I'm going to start a recipe section on the blog for healthier recipes. So i'll start with Gluten Free Coconut Loaf.

You will need:
- 175g butter
- 175 honey
-3 medium eggs
- 225g Gluten Free Flour
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 100g dessicated coconut  
- 2 tablespoons milk

1- Preheat your oven at 180c and grease your loaf tin
2- Mix softened butter and honey in a bowl
3- Add the eggs to the mix 
4-Then add flour and baking power so it makes a batter
5- Add in the coconut and milk and keep mixing!
6- Put in your greased loaf tin and place in the oven for about an hour
7- After a hour poke with a knife or skewer if it comes out clear it's ready!!


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Look who's back! After a long break I'M BACK!! I know I look miserable in that photo but i'm back. In the next couple of weeks Starla Says is gonna go through some changes. There will be a bigger focus on healthy living as that is where my mind is at right now.

So big news... I have become nutrition and healthy living certified!!! Which means I can help people with their diets and healthy living questions. I took a course with six really informative modules and managed to get 97% pass. Finally good at something eh? If anyone needs help losing weight, get healthier or just a plan let me know and I'll help. If there's enough interest then I'll make it an actual business Just email me [HERE] #girlboss

Regarding my fitness, my weight has been going up and down just like the CK levels in my thighs. So i've really been trying to get well and clean as well as working out daily.

When I search fitness bloggers they all have insane abs, no jelly belly, or bingo wings  and I end up feeling like poop. So the point of these photos is to show that fitness is a process. I'm not trying to lose 50 pounds or fit into my jeans by Friday. I'm trying to be fit, healthy and strong. With my autoimmune condition that's difficult so I'm here to tell you it's not an easy challenge for anyone.

Top NIKE// Leggings BOOHOO // Shoes NIKE

Okay, taking these photos I realise I may need to get better at the modelling. I promise it's on my to do list. But get ready for the new fitness part of Starla Says which will have health advice, exercise tips and new goals.


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Blogging Break

Hello my lovelies

I know, I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. The truth is I just have lost a bit of the passion that I had for it.

As you all know I have a autoimmune disease in my thighs so I have to constantly be taking medicine, getting blood tests and have done perfectly for the last five years. Recently I've even stopped drinking completely and taken a good look at my diet and seen what needs to change. At my last hospital appointment I was told that I'm not getting any better and will have to be on the meds alot longer. Absolute joy right?

Searching for a 9-5 job has become a nightmare too. Although I love my part time job I'm currently doing, I need more structure... and money. So to be told by a company that I'm 'over qualified' and then my another company that I'm 'under qualified' puts me in a weird limbo.

So that has led me to this. I wouldn't say im depressed again, just a bit fed up and I don't want that to constantly come through on my blog. Starla Says is my happy place, where I've met awesome people and actually found friends. Next week is my birthday (aka the greatest day on Earth) so I'm looking forward to eating cake, spending time with my friends and just feeling happy. Feeling happy is just my ultimate goal right now.

So see you guys very soon


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As some of you guys know, I have another blog called AmoCALI that post recipes on with Teddy. Our goal is to start a restaurant where we cook our favourite recipes. Teddy cooks the starters and mains, and I make the desserts. We decided to try out a sample menu on guinea pigs our friends.

I really enjoy having some of my closest friends around my flat. It makes me feel really adult and a good way to wind down from a tough week.
The Menu
Chicken Wings
Pork Tacos
Mac 'n' Cheese

Chocolate Banana Bread
Caramel Tart
Chocolate Ganache Tart

I wish I took better photos! Next time!

 I spent the morning cleaning and making things look nice. My Mum always used to tell me 'People judge you on how clean your toilet is' So guess who was scrubbing the toilet at 10am?! 

I started cooking around 12ish as I was making shortcrust pastry from scratch (why Mariah, why?). I knew that there would be mistakes, like adding too much cream to the ganache, or not making enough pastry for the pastry tray, or the top of the banana bread being cooked and the inside being absolute mush! 

Here are my tips for having a stress free dinner party/get together

1. Start early! Like I said, mistakes could happen and its easy to get stressed in the kitchen.

2. Cook something you've made before. It's time to impress, not to get get over confident!

3. Find out beforehand if there's anyone with allergies or vegetarian. Make sure you have enough food for them too.

4.Flowers always look good Enough said

5.Make a playlist Unfortunately I didn't have to do this and then had to watch Die Hard. Teddy and I were oh so happy about that!

6. Difficult People There's always going to be someone that causes some sort of difficulty. Whether something isn't cooked to their liking, or being very opinionated, or eating before coming to the dinner party (seriously, why do that?!), something will happen. Just take a deep breath, try and sort it out and it will be fine!

7. Buy some containers There could be leftovers people want!

How do you guys like my menu? I really enjoyed the night and thought Teddys idea of cooking to order gave it a real restaurant feel!
Comment below if you want recipes of anything made! Please give our food blog a follow and let us know what you wanna see [HERE]

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PERSONAL: Stressed over Success

Well Hi there! You would think with all this free time I have I'd be blogging more, but alas, I just sit on social media, watch Kardashians and do my charity work all day. If I get a job where I never have to look at an excel spreadsheet I'll be very happy.

I feel like as everyone is getting older, we're becoming more stressed about our lives. So many people have depression, anxiety and are just sad. Its horrible to see friends feeling like they aren't good enough or haven't achieved enough in their lives. But I totally understand.

My best friend found love and now is travelling around America with a theatre company. Another friend is working in Australia and another is working in Dubai. I have photographers, musicians, comedians as friends. Meanwhile I'm sitting on my bed wondering if Teddy/the scales will be angry if I eat the last doughnut. I'm almost 24 and I feel like I've done nothing with my life.

Speaking with my awesome best friend Becca, we think social media can really mess with peoples self esteem. Instagram is filled with people showing off their goodies, bodies, adventures, happy coupleyness, and lots of food. I'll admit I do it, but I also look at others and think 'why isn't that me?'

You never really know what's going on with someone. Their instagram feed could be filled with the most amazing things but in reality they could be miserable. Never judge a book by it's cover. 

I think we should learn to find the little good things in our lives rather than the bad. I know that's one of the most difficult things in the world to do but I think it makes life easier. I hate the fact I barely have an income, but I have boyfriend that cooks for me every night. I may not have a full clique but I have a best friend that's amazing. 

Bad breakup and heartbroken? That's fine, nothing is certain in life. Stop comparing yourself to other couples that are still together. Your self worth isn't defined by a relationship. Dry your eyes and get stronger. And don't be a bitch to your friends.

So that's my latest rant. Live in the moment. Life doesn't follow a set of rules. Shit happens. It's what you do after the shit that matters, that's what makes you awesome!

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BEAUTY: My Favourites from Lush's Valentines Range

Love is in the air do-do do-do do-do! Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone's favourite bath time shop is celebrating. They have lots of bubble bars and bath bombs but these are my two favourites!

Unicorn Bubble Bar
Okay, I'll confess... This is actually my 3rd bubble bar this year. It's my favourite lush product ever, overtaking Snow Fairy! First of all look how pretty it is. I love the colours and that it's called 'Unicorn' so it makes it feel magical. The smell is lavender so it makes your bath so relaxing. I also found my skin really soft after getting out. If you've used a bubble bar before you'll know you simply crushing in your hands under the water.

Prince Charming
In need of a Prince Charming? Here's one for your shower. I was expecting this to smell really sweet but it smells like an expensive perfume (okay that was the worst description ever). It has vanilla, marshmallow root and pomegranate to create that gorgeous smell. I'm not sure if its me and I'm and eager beaver with snow fairy but this shower gel seems to last a lot longer than others I've bought. I might have to stock up!

So those are my favourites! What's everyone's plans for Valentines Day? Teddy and I don't really celebrate it with cards or flowers but get a chinese takeaway with LOTS of ribs. I hope everyone spreads the love around this weekend. I might even do a Valentines themed foodie post!

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LIFESTYLE: Life Update

It's been so long I've actually forgotten how to type properly! Hello my lovely internet friends, I'm back blogging! I'll keep it short as I know how annoying long update posts are.
Job Hunting
Yep. It sucks, but I'm so glad I'm not in that job anymore. I know a lot of people hate their jobs, but if a job makes you utterly miserable is it worth it? Nope. So I'm looking for a job that I'll actually like getting up for. The lack of money is HIGHLY annoying though.

After Christmas I really wanted to kickstart my fitness regime. I'm on holiday to Nice later this year so I really wanted to look my best in a bikini. I had lost 6 pounds in a month by upping my protein intake, having less carbs and using my fitbit religiously. That was until I heard I was getting sick again...

I went to visit my Mum and I had a letter saying my blood test showed that the inflammation in my thighs were slightly high. I've been feeling weak and rubbish for a while but figured its from the exercise I'd been doing. Cue hours of crying 'WHY ME?!' and eating my feelings for a week. I did another couple of blood tests and while they are still slightly high my doctor isn't worried.

Speaking through sobs with my nurse I asked if there was anything I could do in regards to my diet. She said research 'GLUTEN FREE'. I love cake, bread and instant chicken noodles so those words terrified me. I did some research and found that many people who have autoimmune diseases that have taken up a gluten free lifestyle feel much better and less likely to have flares. I will do a post about starting a gluten free diet soon guys. There might even be a sneaky recipe or two!

I love doing this blog. I've made so many friends with it and I love writing all the content. I just get stuck with how far I want it to go. I always feel like a sell out if I post something on my twitter or instagram to do with my blog. As if people will hate me. It's an odd feeling... and one I really need to get over.

I promise I have lots of cool things coming up for the blog this year. I'm so excited!

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BEAUTY: W7 Ebony Range

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to be asked to try W7 new ebony range for my blog.
They sent me cream foundation, concealer and two lipsticks to try.

 For anyone who doesn't know about W7, they sell good quality,reasonably priced make up

First off...the foundation.

I was sent 'Mocha 5' which suited me perfectly. I found it very light and easy to put on. It also stayed on for a whole work day and didn't cake.

It has very convenient packaging. It has a mirror and is small enough to put in your bag. I didn't like the sponge that came with it as it wasn't great to apply the product with.
Once again... my fitbit wants to make an appearance

Next the concealer!

I'm very wary of concealers for dark skin tones as they tend to make them quite yellow-y. But this went well with the foundation and couldn't easily be seen. It's also uses a lip gloss brush (there must be a proper name for it) for easy application.


The two lipsticks I was given were Chic and Eternal Flame

They even had the cute w7 sign on them!

Eternal Flame/Chic

The colours really go well with darker skin. It was easy to apply and had a soft shimmer to it so I didn't need a gloss on top. It doesn't dry out through the day but I found I was always topping it up.

From the products I have used, I think w7 ebony range is great. I find it really refreshing that there are more companies catering to other skin tones. I know several people that have to save to buy high end products, so having an affordable alternative is wicked!

You can buy the range from Asda and TKmaxx stores

What are your views on w7? Have you used any products before? Comment below lovelies!!

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