So this is my first healthy living post in AGES, and the reason why is I've been terrible health wise.

I always state that I believe that healthy living isn't just what you eat or how much you exercise. It's how positive you feel too. And recently I haven't been feeling that positive and I've almost quit blogging because of it!

Last week I quit my job. I know, crazy right? But its something I had to do. I absolutely HATED it. I sat in an office and did nothing... NOTHING all day for 8 months. It sounds like fun, but when you have no one to talk to, a rude manager that's based in Turkey and have to take your laptop in everyday it becomes a nightmare. Another thing was the fact I was never paid on time or the correct amount. Every month I had to borrow from someone to pay my rent and other bills. Thank God for Teddy's family for being so understanding and supportive. I used to get anxiety attacks every time my boss would email because she was demand ridiculous things rather than things important then be mean to me. (e.g Wanting a riverside office rather than paying rent for the office we had!). When I finally told her I was leaving I received a horrible email full of emotional blackmail to make me stay! I had enough and will be leaving in January!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older but friendships are odd. I've just found myself not connecting with people that I used to. I'm surrounded by people yet feel so alone. I think some are realising others are growing up too, but there's no reason to lie about yourself to look better and keep people interested. No one believes you shagged all these women when you were on holiday when you can barely talk to a woman at a bar. I also get friends saying 'I'm so done' with another girl or 'I have no friends!'. Within a week they're BFFs again and they have magically found they're friends which don't happen to include me!

I've just had to take a seat back and work out where I'm going. A huge weight has been lifted off me since I know I'm leaving my job, and I've realised that putting myself first is the best thing to do. I love my friends, I really do. But a friendship works both ways and is tiring when I'm doing all the work. 

Sorry for the lengthy ranty post, had to get things off my chest! But I'm giving up on anything. I'm here to stay. 
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  1. Proud of you for making such a big step to make you happy and positive! You'll definitely find something better for you soon :) I'm learning to put myself first too, its hard but we need to do it to get ourselves where we want to be! :) please don't give up blogging, I love ya too much ;) xxx


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