FASHION: Marie Meili Winsom Lingerie Review*

I know, I know I'm a terrible blogger! I just haven't had a laptop for ages so I haven't been able to type up blog posts! But I am back!

Today is a fashion post. I was asked if I wanted to review some lingerie and of course I said yes! Lingerie is my favourite thing to buy. There's just something fun about it.

I was asked to go on the House of Fraser website and choose what underwear I wanted. I knew I wanted something pink and different to what I normally get. So I opted for the Marie Meili Winsom.

This is the first push up bra I have every worn. I normally hate push up bras. I have slightly larger boobies than my friends, and I always get comments saying I'm either pushing them out or wearing padding. But no sir...I am number 1 on the Victoria Secret padding chart.

Surprisingly, I liked this bra. Even though it did feel like my boobs entered the room before I did it was lovely. It's an underwired bra, but I wore it for hours and didnt' have the pain or the mark of the wire on my skin. Even while brisk walking my boobs didn't fall out!

The padding

The knickers were a good fit too. Not too lacy so you feel like you work on a street corner, but just enough to make you feel comfortable. *TMI ALERT* It doesn't give you a wedgie!!

The sizing for this set was great. After a recent fitting I was told I was 32D, and this fit perfectly. The knickers covers a lot of your butt which I like as I don't want to feel like I'm commando in my skinny jeans.

Overall, I think this may be the last push up bra that I buy. I think I only need one in my drawer! But the fit and style I really like so I think it will have to be worn Saturday night!


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  1. Hi Lovely,

    Looks like you picked a great set! What a gorgeous colour and the cut of the panties look great! So glad you're pleased with them!

    Lucie xx
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