LIFESTYLE: Off The Blogging Radar

Hello! Remember me?! I know I haven't blogged in a while, I've almost forgotten how to do it. To be honest, I just lost my mojo for it so I thought the best way to get back into it is to talk about why.

I'll admit I compare myself to people a lot! Its easy to do in the blogging community. There's always someone with the perfect blog/instagram that makes you jealous. Or more followers than you even though you've been blogging for ages. So for a while I felt like my blog is just a load of crap and got into a blogging funk. Now I've realised that my blog is my own personal space on the internet that I share what I want. I realise that no one is perfect... but its pretty difficult not to compare.

At university I studied Media and Communications and figured I'd get a job in the media. That hasn't happened exactly. I have constructed a website...that's about it. In my current job I don't get paid on time or even the right amount which has caused so much stress. I've been late paying bills, rent and I even struggle to see people cause I can't afford it. But don't worry...I'm looking for a new one.

I'm not the healthiest person and have to take a load of pills to make me normal. So I changed my diet included alot more exercise to have a happier, healthy life. When I went to the doctors on Tuesday and they said I had to stay on these tablets my heart sank. I work so hard to be healthy and my stupid body won't even respond to it. 

I've heard recently that I apparently think I'm better than people cause I have a blog and obsessed with healthy living. This couldn't be further from the truth. I never want to come off preachy, or tell people what to do. This is something I enjoy and have seen benefits from. Having people you thought were friends bitching behind your back is never nice. Also friendship works both ways. I can't be doing all the work.

There you have my rant! Feels good to write it all down. I finally did get paid and I bought an awesome new camera so be prepared for high quality photos (Need to show off that A Level!). I also bought some cool exercise stuff that I can't wait to show you guys next week. 
Comment Below lovelies...make me all happy and giddy inside!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing your exercise equipment and hope you're gonna do more healthy eating/living posts... I've gone downhill the last couple of weeks :(
    I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award - you can see my post here


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