I think in very healthy living post I discuss drinking water. I can't help it...its the good stuff. So I was contacted about jazzing up my water by Stur Drinks.

Stur Drinks are a simply a flavour enhancer. Kinda like cordial you have when you're a child, you put it in a glass of water. This one has no sugar and no calories! One glass also provides 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C and is suitable for diabetes and is gluten free.

Although it has no sugar, what makes Stur sweet is stevia leaf extract which is a natural sweetener and is now becoming more popular in the UK.

I was given Orange/Mango, Apple, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea and Blackcurrant/Apple. Momma Jean is a diabetic and I know how much she hates drinking plain water so I gave her the blackcurrant/apple flavour and she loved it. Teddy enjoys iced tea (hence why he's always amazed they sell it in McDonold's in France) so he really enjoyed the peach and lemon tea flavours.

I was pleasantly surprised at these drinks. I expected them to have a bitter after taste or just taste awful. I thought they would be sickly sweet or just not sweet enough but its just the right balance. I couldn't tell them apart from a normal diluted drink! I think it's a great idea to have them in 50ml bottles, I was able to just pop one in my work bag and put it in my desk. Sometimes I'm really naughty and have fizzy drinks everyday for a week, then the transition back to just water is so difficult. But I think if I drank these more I would definitely prefer it!

Stur should be in the shops soon so you should try a flavour out and you might be surprised like me! P.s Orange Mango is the best flavour!


I'm getting back on the exercise kick this week with boxercise. I think it may kill me but I'm up for the challenge. eek! This is my first blog with my new camera yay! But guess who can't find the macro setting....doh! I'll get better next week guys

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