Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with the Victoria Secret Angels. I have loved the fashion show ever since I saw Heidi Klum walk the runway in her wings while her then husband sang. Iconic.

So how do these models stay so fit? While stalking and getting jealous of their instagrams I saw that all of them have taken up boxing. The next weekend I went to sports direct and bought some gloves and pads.

I searched the internet for some great and easy moves to do at home. You just need someone to wear the pads while you wear the gloves (thanks Teddy)

Me and my AlexanderwangXH&m sports bra

1. Punching
Simple and easy. Start off with your left hand and cross over your body to the right pad. Then your right hand to the left pad. This works out your arms as well as your abs

2. Skipping
I've spoken about skipping before. Its brilliant to get your heart rate going and toning up your legs

3. Planking
Planking is my worst enemy. I'm sure everyone knows how to plank so I won't describe but hold for at least 30 seconds

4. Punching with Knees
Exactly the same as the first, but your partner lowers one pad so that you can bring your knee up and hit it

5. Punching with Squats
Squats are my favourite thing. Exactly the same as the first but your partner takes a swipe at you and you squat down. It helps if they shout DUCKKKKK!!

I just wanna stress that I am in no way qualified boxer or anything like that. I just found these great moves online and wanted to share with you. I absolutely loved doing this workout even though I was aching all over the next day. But no pain no gain my friends! Train like an angel as they say!

Have any of you guys done boxing? Is there a different technique I should be doing? Comment below guys 

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  1. I fancy giving this a go. Good way to release some stress and tension as well as working out haha
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  2. I've heard so many people rave about boxercise, I'd definitely give it a go! Thanks for the tips :) xx


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