BEAUTY: The Truth About Stretch Marks

A bit of a weird one for you guys today. I'm talking about Stretch Marks. Its the kinda thing that doesn't really get mentioned but I think it really should.

Stretch marks occur when your skin has stretched due to weight gain, so that's why many pregnant women and mothers have them. Truth be told they are a bitch to get rid of. 

Even though I'm one of the many girls that have a warped vision of the perfect woman which doesn't exist, I really wish I could get rid of the stretch marks I gained once I put on weight. It's really embarrassing when I feel like I can't wear certain things because I feel like people will laugh

There are a lot of products out there that claim to work. It really depends on many things. How old the stretch marks are, how long you use the product, and your skin tone.

 I can't afford to get surgery to remove them unfortunately, or pay for ridiculously expensive creams so I have found cheaper products that have been working for me

Bio Oil
I've seen pregnant women by this in bulk in boots! This is one product that takes it's time to see a difference. I noticed my stretch marks getting lighter THREE MONTHS in. I use it twice a day and sometimes even bathe in it. A little bit goes a long way so you don't have to keep buying. They say its best to start using this when you get pregnant or start gaining weight... but I was I supposed to know when I was gonna get huge!

Cocoa Butter- Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

I think everyone has heard that cocoa butter is god for stretch marks, and now they have released a special edition just for it. This is apparently best during pregnancy as it also helps with dry skin and itchyness. I use this three times a day and have noticed my skin is smoother and lighter where the marks are.

I spoke about pregnancy far too much in this post considering I have NEVER been pregnant. I just want to stress how natural stretch marks are. I know girls are super embarrassed about having them and I've even heard stories of boys finding them disgusting. It's okay to have them, it's not weird or freaky! I just thought I should say that cause I needed someone to say it to me when I was down about I looked.

Does anyone else have any remedies for stretch marks. Ones that they have noticed working?? Comment below!

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  1. So lovely to read such an honest post! I also struggle with stretch marks from being a teenager at first and then being pregnant. To be honest I have stopped even trying t get rid of them as I feel like they will eventually go see-through by themselves and not be so noticeable anymore. You have a great routine in place x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I agree with you, Bio Oil is amazing and is good for any type of scars. I use it on my face as well!

    Love, Vero. xx

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  4. Great post and some great remedies! Stretch marks are a pretty normal thing nowadays with weight gain and pregnancy. I've actually got used to them and they're more of a reminder of how I used to be.

    I've got a fair few stretch marks from when I had gained alot of weight. I have quite fair skin, so luckily enough my stretch marks are now a silvery colour and blend in.

    I've been using Re-Gen oil/cream that I bought from Aldi on my stretch marks and my surgery scars from my TT and they have definitely faded and make my skin feel really soft. I've heard that coconut oil works well and know of people who are using Bio Oil too!

    Laura |


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