BEAUTY: My Hair Story

I'm Mariah. I'm 23 and I'm losing my hair. I'm not talking old man/monk bald, but my hair is falling out.

At 18 I had healthy, black relaxed hair. It didn't reach my bum or anything but was just pass my shoulders. Then I got sick and had to take Methotrexate and I noticed my hair falling out.

Look at the length!
Wait...did I even eat back then?

Methotrexate is a drug used for my condition but for some cancers as well. It all varies on how much you take weekly. Its aim is to lower your immune system and stop the growth of cells

At first it was juts my hair thinning, I couldn't really put it into a ponytail without it looking stupid. Then I realised my hair was falling out in chunks in my hands. It became super frustrating. At the time my hair was the only part of me that I could control. I was getting bigger by the day, my nails were in bad shape and I could barely exercise. So I decided to dye it. I had pink bits, then dark blue, then purple then copper. 

Losing my hair really made me feel terrible. My hair was almost my security blanket. I just started to feel more and more miserable as the chunks fell into my bathroom sink

23rd Birthday with my best friend.
Copper hair!!
Last year (when I started this blog actually) I decided to take things seriously. I really wanted my hair to be nice and healthy. So I dyed it back to black and started using certain products to make it better. Moroccan Oil and Vitapointe are my favourite. The last couple of months I've been using biotin. I've noticed my hair getting thicker and longer and I'm pleased with the difference.

I still have a bit of hair loss, but luckily its mainly in the back. (Very) Slowly my hair is getting back to how it used to be which makes me happy

I have the worst profile in the world.
Look how short the back of my hair is!!
So there you have it. Now the comments on my instagram can stop about the back of my hair sticking up!

Have any of you guys had hair problems or damage? Let me know in the comments below!!


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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened with your hair :( I think you are so brave posting about it and I'm glad its now starting to grow back for you !! xxxx


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