LIFESTYLE: The Perfect Housewarming

This post was originally going to be about making chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough icing...but I completely forgot to take photos and my friend ate them all so I can't even tell you if they tasted good! So I've decided to do it about my tips on hosting a housewarming. 

Good Food & Drink
I'm not saying you have to cook a three course meal but make a lil summin' summin'. Joey made Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings, Macaroni Cheese and Potato Skins with either Cheese and Chive or Cheese and bacon

A Good Guest List
You don't HAVE to invite everyone! Invite who you actually like and can speak to easy or else you'll be praying that they don't attend.

Music is Key
Music defines the whole night. If you've decided to put on the latest RnB tunes you got a party with dancing and foolishness! If you've gone for jazzy tunes you've got people eating and discussing important stuff. It really depends on the night you're going for

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More
 People are nosy. They'll make note if you've left dirty underwear on your floor.

Be Humble. Don't Show Off
I'm forever thankful for the fact that I can afford to live with my boyfriend and that we have been living together for three years. I understand that a lot of people my age still live with their parents or maybe don't even have a job. I would never invite people to my house just to show off or show I'm better than them. It's not kind and it's tacky.

By the time this goes up I'll be travelling to BATH! Teddy arranged a getaway for us as we've been so stressed. So check out my instagram the next couple of days for some cool photos. I'll still be doing Blogtober don't you worry :)


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