LIFESTYLE: My Trip To Bath

If you guys follow my twitter/instagram (you should, links below) you'll know that last weekend I went to bath for a getaway.

Straight from work on a Friday Teddy and I headed to Paddington Station to get the train to Bath Spa. Our train was delayed for 30mins so by the time we arrived in Bath we were knackered and starving. Luckily right next to our hotel was a wagamamas

I haven't had wagamama in ages so I finished my Yaki Soba VERY quickly. I also decided to get a juice rather than my normal fizzy drink as I knew I'd be a naughty eater over the weekend. Then we left because my stomach was full and I was sleepy. Good times.

The next day we got up early and went to Bath Spa. As well as the history of Bath, its one of the reasons why people visit. It was £27 for two hours where you can use the rooftop pool, Minerva Pool and Hot Rooms. We got there at when it opened at 9 as it gets VERY packed. We weren't allowed to take photos (BOO!) but believe me it was amazing. 

We were the first people in the Minerva Pool so we swam around for about an hour before anyone else entered. The outdoor pool was lovely. Even though the day was overcast, the pool was warm and the views were delightful. It was so relaxing. After our time in the spa we felt so relaxed it was hard to walk! Our bodies had just shut down and relaxed on us!!

It doesn't take me long to get hungry so we went searching for somewhere that sold tea and scones

The Bath Bun was the cutest shop. It just felt so English!

I went for a peppermint tea, scone with jam and cream, Teddy (who still is clearly a child) went for a hot chocolate and scone. The scone was freshly made. It was still warm. Okay...I just made myself hungry.

We went the rest of the day exploring and shopping around. I practically spent most of my time in the yankee candle store

For our dinner we went to a place called Revolution which is kinda like a diner. I even decided to have a curly bob!

 The food was so tasty and filling. The cocktails were even better

This cocktail was called Sweetshop and had Stoli Razberi vodka with banana liqueur, bubblegum syrup, shaken with cranberry juice, topped with lemonade and had a sweet on the top. Yummy!!

I'm the weird girl that orders three sides instead of a huge meal. So I got chicken strips, sweet potato wedges and onion rings. And I ate them ALLLL!

After the meal we decided to stroll around and see what Bath was like at night. Its even more beautiful.

So that was my weekend away! I'm already wishing I could go back. Have any of you been to bath? Or live there? Comment below


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  1. I went to Bath last month and it was SO beautiful, I didn't do the spa though so will definitely be doing that next time. Glad you had a lovely time! Xx

  2. Great post.


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