HEALTHY LIVING: Starting Again

I am back from my weekend in Bath and my diet took a battering. In all seriousness I think it was needed. I wanted a cool, relaxing and stress free weekend which meant I could eat all the fried food I wanted...and I did.

I should hopefully get paid this week which mean I get to buy some juicing ingredients! Is it sad how excited I am for that? I haven't had a homemade green juice for so long I feel dirty. It also means I can start my classes again. I love doing fab abs and pilates every week. It keeps me active and meeting new people.

Yesterday I bought a pair of leather trousers because I want to be Kendall Jenner because they look awesome...yet I didn't. I had to squeeze into a size and once I did my huge muffin top was on show and I saw my serious lack of butt. Lets just say my confidence has plummeted severely. On the plus side...I have new goals for the new week.

I really want to work on my stomach region. It's the place I haven't been able to lose weight in forever! I look so dumpy I have want to cry! I've been researching this and I have certain exercises and diet changes to really target that area.

I also want to gain a butt! I'm not talking a Nicki Minaj ass as I don't have the money, but sitting on bone isn't the nicest feeling. I already do 250 squats a day but I'm thinking of adding some weights to the equation to see if I can make a difference.

I'll most likely discuss this in a different post, but I feel mentally well after this weekend. I've been feeling so down due to people and stupid stuff going on in my life. But i'm gonna start this week positive...and lets see where that goes

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  1. Love your honesty! Did you have fun in Bath? It's my home town :)

    I also want to build a butt.....I'm on a mission lol xoxox


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