HEALTHY LIVING: Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Hello all! Hope you're all well!

As you guys know...I'm not the healthiest person in the world. There are days I take up to five tablets a day. Recent blood test show that my liver function tests are high. To be honest I have no idea what that means but it's not good. Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It digests certain parts of your food, detoxifies and processes all the tablets we take. We easily damage our liver by taking so many tablets, drinking too much and eating the wrong food.  

 Luckily my slightly high liver function nothing to be scared of just yet as its happened to me before and I know what to do to get back my healthy liver. So this is a quick guide to keep a healthy liver!

- Cut Back on Alcohol
I have cut back on drinking so much since being on these tablets. I most likely drink once or twice a month, and I can't even remember when I got ridiculously drunk. Alcohol abuse can damage and scar your liver and make you ridiculously ill. One of the tablets I have to take strongly advises me not to drink so I only do on special occasions.

Drink More Water

I'm not even going to write a paragraph on this one because its ridiculously obvious how I feel about water. If you really want to detox ad a slice of lemon to each glass

Up Your Citrus Fruit Game

Well fruits in general, but citrus fruits have great antioxidant levels which is great for a liver detox. I tend to have a grapefruit every morning as part of my breakfast. 

Eat your Greens
Its the same as fruits. Green and good for ya!

Anyone else had trouble with their liver? Or am I the only sick one around these parts? Comment below as usual babies!


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