HEALTHY LIVING: Eating Right/ Eating Bad

Hey my lovelies.

I've realised when I go through my health kick I eat great in the week but then the weekend comes around and I'm eating out, having huge portions and drinking loads. By the time I get on the scale on Monday morning I've put on all the weight I've been working hard to lose!

Now I know scales are the biggest bitch going. I never trust them, but I weigh myself about once a week to see how I'm doing. I mainly do that do to the fast weight gain I had due to the tablets I'm on and I just never want to go through that again!

I've decided to stick to some simple rules to keep healthy eating while going out. Now this are just my new rules so don't take it completely to heart. Also, I do believe in having treats at times. I don't wanna be a healthy eating snob and look down on people that eat certain things (unless its pineapple because i'm allergic). Everyone is free to eat what they want!

1- Swap 'fried' for grilled,steamed, baked
You'll feel less stuffed and bloated without all that oil from fried food

2- Small not large
This one does hurt when it comes to peri peri chips

3-Veggie Options
Sometimes I really enjoy the veggie options. But be careful just because it doesn't have meat doesn't mean the dressing and/or sauce isnt packed with calories and sugar

4- Learn how much sugar is in your drinks
Obviously orignal fizzy drinks have a ridiculous amount of sugar in them so I swap them with the diet version. I also cut out drinking cider as they can sometimes have more sugar than coke! I do like a fruity Rosé though so I tend to have a glass (or two) at a slow pace

5- Read the menu before you go
I always seem far too well prepared when we go for a meal and already have chosen what I'm gonna eat but it's better for many reasons. You know what it costs, you know what's in it, you know the calories and you'll be less tempted to be swayed by friends if you have your mind set on things.

So there are my tips. I'm on an adventure next weekend so lets hope I can try and stick to this at least. What do you guys think about eating out while trying to be healthy?
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  1. It definitely helps that more and more places are advertising the number of calories in food. If there's a light bites section, or something advertised at being 'under 500 calories', I'm often inclined to choose it. A lot of the time, I just order a starter nowadays, maybe with an undressed side salad. I think it helps to be savvy and check out menus before you go out :) xx

    1. I do this. I order about three starters as my main and people look at me like im weird haha xx

  2. That picture is bloody fantastic. So is this post! xxx


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