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Since kick off is in about 15mins as I publish this I'd thought I would discuss women liking football.

My boyfriend is one of the most annoying biggest football fans around... Well Crystal Palace fan. So when I say I like football, people seem to think I'm doing it to impress my boyfriend. One... I'm far too lazy to go overly impress someone and Two.. he supports Palace. The small fish in the Premiership pond.

Where did this come from? This idea that all girls don't like football, doing it to impress someone or a lesbian? It's bullshit and it bugs me. I've been an Arsenal fan forever, or the 'JVC days' as Mumma Jean calls it.

I'll admit, I felt like the World Cup went on FOREVER this year and I had to learn the offside rule Bend it like Beckham style with salt and pepper shakers. I love the weekend and even though recently my blood pressure can't handle watching Arsenal (forever fourth) I love scrolling through twitter hashtags, reading what people think and the banter. 

So if you're one of those people that girls only like football for an ulterior motive or a lesbian...grow up. There are no rules in what girls should like or do. ugh!

I suppose it helps there's eye candy

'I can't help i'm gorgeous'

I just... wow
Are there any other bloggers that love football? Or play it? I know Kate does and I love our twitter discussions haha

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  1. I totally agree with this!
    My dad first started taking me to Barnet when I was 4 and I finally stopped going last season due to working full time - would much rather have the weekends being lazy after a busy week!
    I used to go on the train to away games with a group of lads and was forever accused of ulterior motives. I've always got on better with guys anyway! :)
    I always think my followers must get annoyed with all my tweets and updates, but we'd be boring if we were all the same and there is more to me and my life than the Bees! ha

  2. I love football and I have a season ticket for Bolton, not the best team but it's my team, I mention it on my blog about going but always feel blogging girls wouldn't be interested in football.


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