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*What are the chances this is about time and I forget to schedule it and my Wifi was down. Sorry guys*

How often do we say 'I haven't got the time' or 'that takes too much time'? It's scary how quickly time is going. Halloween is next week, Christmas is soon, and my Godson is starting school next year.

These days everything is so on the go, with ready made meals and drinks, everything you need is on your phone. Do we really have time to just relax.

I personally wish I could relax all day and night, but I have a job and a social life to try and keep up with. Teddy has just started a new job with longer hours so I barely get to see him on weekdays.

I think with the stresses of work, life and the world we should take more time out away from it. Every night (when Teddy can be bothered to cook) I try and forget my troubles, turn my phone on aeroplane mode and just enjoy my time. It makes me feel balanced and feel like the world stops spinning just for a few hours. 

Try it! You might have a new sense of serenity 

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