Blogtober// Things other people love and I don't

Hello Lovelies! I have set myself a EVERYDAY in October. Eek! I will have my normal beauty, lifestyle and healthy living posts but with added personal posts. Hope you enjoy (and I complete the challenge!)

I follow a lot of bloggers on twitter and instagram, and I feel like a lot of them like the same things. I start to feel like the odd one out!! It's not just bloggers, I feel like there's a trend I'm just not getting! So randomly last night when I couldn't sleep I made a mental note of things I just don't get why people love.
White Furniture and sheets
Yeah it looks great on instagram but when you're clumsy and sleep in your make up as often as me it just screams disaster

Pretty..but I hate the taste. Blerghhh

Ryan Gosling
You guys know Channing Tatum exists right? 

Benefits Push Up Liner
I was so excited to try this but realised I already had a cheaper version that did the same thing. You can read about that [HERE]  

East London
I grew up in East London. On a crappy council estate. I spent my weekends eating bagels in Brick Lane, running around Stratford and shopping in Canary Wharf mall. It was grimy and brilliant. Now it's become this hipster place and people with money think its the shit. Most of my friends that grew up there have moved away cause they can't handle the change. More grimey stuff less over priced cocktails and burgers please. 

Dogs in general actually... Cat lady 4 lyf

She's great, but why is everyone acting like she created the internet or frozen yogurt?!

Sorry but cola laces over dairy milk any day

Breaking Bad
I watched the first episode and convinced myself I had lung cancer. Nope!

Does anyone else not 'get' some trends that people follow? Comment below cause I'd love to hear them!

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  1. This made me laugh! Channing Tatum is sooooo much better than Gosling xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

    1. Channing <3 haha
      I'm glad I made you laugh :)

  2. ahahaha you made me laugh a lot with this! I love this post! :)
    I'll follow you along this October posts!

    ps. me too, I don't like chocolate and I'm allergic to dogs. But I love all about London, I'm Italian so when sometimes I can go a few days in London I'm the happiest girl in the world :D

    1. I'm glad you laughed :)

      Wanna swap? I love Italy haha

  3. I agree with you on white furniture and sheets. There is no way I could live in a house that was mostly white, I'd get make up and hair dye on it within days. Haha. Definitely more a "show home" type of colour.

    Also pugs, I really don't understand the fuss about pugs. I like dogs, (more of a cat person, but I don't hate dogs), but pugs are just one dog I just don't see and think "aww".

    Same with Beyoncé. I think she's done great for herself and there is no doubt she doesn't work hard for what she does, but from clips I've seen of her performing, I don't get why people are so hyped about her, most the time she's just making a noise over the backing track. I get she's a performer so she can't sing everything, but as someone who loves live music, I'd prefer her to spend the energy she uses wailing in actually singing the songs properly, instead of relying on a backing track or back up singers. >.<
    I know most people will curse me for that, hence why I said at the beginning I don't she has talent - just the way she performs is not to my taste. Haha.

    Juyey xx

    1. YESSSS to the Beyoncé comment. I just don't understand the hype. I feel like i'm missing out on something

  4. Macaron's I love I can't deny it but I'm with you on preferring sweets to chocolate! Even when I was younger I'd get stationary for Easter rather than an egg and at Christmas my mum used to make me an advent calendar with jelly sweets in it because I didn't like chocolate!


    1. Thats so cute! Once I had Easter on my birthday and everyone got me Easter eggs as presents and I just hated it haha

  5. Totally agree with most of these actually - other than Ryan Gosling, because he is SO beautiful. I'm deffo a sweets over chocolate girl though!

    I'd have to add to that list Nando's - why does everyone rave about it, when it's just chicken?! And Geordie Shore/TOWIE/MIC - couldn't sit through five minutes, let alone a whole series!




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