Blogtober // Staying Positive

Everyone has down days. Days when you don't feel like you're good at anything. Days when you feel lonely. Days when you just feel sad and nothing can make you feel better.

I have these days often, so I've been trying to think of ways to make me feel better.

I always think of a holiday where I really enjoyed myself. I chose Crete- my holiday this year. I was at my goal weight, I had just started a job and I was surrounded by family.

I also try and think about the good in my life. A boyfriend that cares and loves me. A flat i'm paying for. A job that pays well. And a group of friends that I wouldn't swap for the world

Sometimes life is shitty and that completely sucks. Just remember it's gonna be okay soon. Promise

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  1. Things always get better lovely - I know things may seem tough but you will get through them. Always here if you want to talk xx


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