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Has anyone been watching Educating the East End? Cause I love it. Watching it reminds me of being 11-16 at secondary school then I realised... I think I hated school.

I say THINK because I'm not even sure. I was never bullied or had a hard time. I just disliked it.

My year was odd, there wasn't any groups or cliques everyone just got along until year 9ish where were discovered music and make up. I remember there ended up being this argument that you were either 'gangsta', 'emo' or 'cares more about work than stupid groups'. As you can guess I fit in none of those categories. I wasn't 'black enough' to fit in the gangsta group, not white or 'myspace enough' to fit in the emo group and I did not give a shit about school work. 

In my two years of doing GCSEs we had 11 science teachers. 11. All with different teaching and discipline methods. By the time we had our 7th teacher I had given up trying to learn. Our maths mock results were so abysmal our headteacher had to start teaching us. In music, our teacher left and we had to deal with a supply teacher til exams. Our R.E teacher was the best. If we had her for every lesson we all would have passed with As!

I did have a great time, don't get me wrong. I spent all my time with my best friend since nursery Angela. I met three of the coolest people ever Becca, Katie and Cara. I just always felt like an outsider. I never had that horrible padded mackenzie black jacket, I never slicked the sides of my hair down, I never had or wanted a lil miz something-stupid tag name. I guess it would just take me a while to actually feel like I fit in somewhere.

What were your memories of School like? I wish I could do it all again, I miss the carefree-ness. Comment below

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  1. I hated school. Being bullied through most of it, it wasn't a great thing. I did enjoy the care-free period of my life. It has made me tougher though so I wouldn't have changed my experience.

    Aftab :)
    Fresh And Fearless


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