Blogtober // The Rise of the Booty

I'm getting all controversial on the blog today. It's all about butts. Big butts.

I recently read this article about being in the era of big butts thanks to Iggy Azalea and even Miley Cyrus. There was a huge uproar about how women of colour have had large bums for years yet it was always a bad thing, now white women are and its a new craze.

I've gotta admit, it is strange how having a big bum has become the wanted thing. I actually remember watching Wimbledon when I was younger and my teacher being bitchy to another teacher about the size of the Williams sisters behind. I also remember J.Lo at a film premi√®re and her butt was the talk of the town. Some people criticised her and others praised her. Growing up like that no wonder why girls these days are insecure about their bodies!

Kim. Kardashian. The queen of ass. Whether you think its real or not, her arse is big and she is making bucks from it. There's an interview when she claims she used to cry to her Mum because he had a bigger body than other people in her class. Whether its been enhanced now or not - that's an awful feeling for a child to feel.

I personally can't pin point when it was cool to have a booty. Was it when Pippa Middleton bent over? If it was I honestly didn't see the big deal.

Do I think big bums are getting the limelight because of white people? Meh, not exactly. I think Hollywood and that celebrity culture is mainly white people. I also think some women are just embracing having a larger arse with confidence. To put it in simple terms 'owning it!'. Confidence is something we all want to have. Kim knows her arse is what people talk about so she shows it off. I think others are just emulating that in order to do better in the eyes of the media. Remember when Cassie shaved off half her hair and everyone thought she was nuts? Now EVERYONE is doing it. 

I think the rise of the big bum is just a trend. An odd trend as it's something some people have always had and always will. I personally believe in a couple of years something else will take over Hollywood. Maybe having one nostril or a spilt tongue and everyone will but big arses behind them.

What do you guys think? Apologises if I've offended anyone, its just an opinion. Comment below as usual

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  1. Love this post... this is just a trendy phase lol - nothing more or less!! Soon it'll be back to having big boobs!!!

  2. I love my big bum, I've never had anyone say anything negative against it :)
    However I don't think I've ever found a pair of jeans that fit...

    Francesca xo |


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