Blogtober // My Favourite TV shows

Second Blogtober post! I am SO proud of myself.

Today is all about TV. I used to watch SO much TV, but since moving out and discovering Netflix my love for TV had dwindled (ha that was so funny to say in my head...dwindled). Here are my favourites

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy started around '96/97 I think so I was about 6. I thought it was awesome. My brother got me into it mainly because he fancied Sarah Michelle Gellar but I was hooked at how bad ass Buffy was. She was gorgeous, funny, smart and didn't take anyone's shit. What a role model!

Gossip Girl

When The O.C ended there was a hole in my heart. Then I watched the pilot of Gossip Girl and that hole filled. I love every thing about this show. How it started off being about Serena and then it became obvious Blair and Chuck were the stars of the show. The storylines, the fashion, the one liners. It's one of the best shows of the decade.

Criminal Minds

I went to uni three days a week, so the rest of the days was filled with me sitting on my sofa watching Sky Living and that's when Spencer Reid came into my life. I love American crime shows and this one looks into the mind of serial killers rather than just evidence. It's really clever and witty. 

Keeping up with the Kardashians

My guilty pleasure. There's a photo going round on instagram that says 'I keep up with the Kardashians more than my own life' and that sums me up. I love the fights and the stupididty of it all. Oh and Khloe is my favourite Khlomar forever 

What are your favourite shows? What else do you want me to blog about this month?


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  1. I've dipped in and out of the Kardashians but I want to start from it right from the beginning. It's a proper guilty pleasure!


  2. This is such a great post! I love Criminal Minds!! Cant wait for the next season!!!

    Kal x
    Cluttered Closet


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