Blogtober // My Favourite Things About Living With My Boyfriend

I've lived with Teddy for three long years. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. Here's a few things I've learnt.

Do not enter the toilet after him
*Unless you have a gas mask. Boys smell. I forget this.

Man Flu is real
He claims he's dying, but when you catch it off him and want some help you might as well move home.

 Your expensive things mean nothing to him
That expensive face cream that you saved up for? He's used on the weird rash on his hand

Washing up
He tried, He failed. You have to wash up again

 Fifa or the Plummer?
You want a hot shower, he wants to act like Palace can win the premiership

Midnight butt poke
Jog on. I'm trying to sleep

Not using a bath mat
Ugh!! It's not difficult, I have it hanging up!

Saying all this... I do love living with Teddy. It's nice having someone to come home to, cuddle and to annoy when I'm bored

How many of you guys live with your partners? How is it? Am I the weird one that notices odd things?
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  1. This is amazing and so true. I'm entirely sure the male population do jobs badly the first time round so you never ask them to do it again for the second time!

    Sammy xo.

    1. Hahaha I think that makes sense! Clever boys!

  2. Love this blogpost, it's something different to read! I've been living with mine since uni on-off (all the way back in 2005! wow, i didn't realise it has been that long!) and we definitely have our differences, even after all these years! x

    1. awwh thank you. I think the differences make it all worth it though


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