Blogtober // Meeting My Boyfriend

I'm getting all romantic on the blog today. Well not really if you know what Teddy and I are like. I'm gonna talk about how we first met and got together. awwww/vomit...whatever.

I never fitted in at school. Not that I was bullied, I just didn't dress 'right' or listen to the 'right' music but I had my best friend Angela and that's all I needed. We went to different colleges and I was stuck with people that I knew but had nothing in common with. So my first year at college was just a blur cause I just drank and went out to deal with the feeling of being alone.

Fast forward to second year and there was a group of people that I had stuff in common with. I tried to hug my friend and ended up punching Joey in the back of the head. Very embarrassing. So I added him on myspace (oh gawd) to apologise.

Back at college we used to compliment each other on our band t-shirts we would wear. 
Me: Holy shit I love the smiths
Joey: Lies, favourite song?!
Me: There is a light that never goes out. But my favourite song ever is Lovesong by The Cure.
Joey: The Cure are my favourite band!

It was like the scene in 500 days of Summer when she quotes the Smiths in the lift. Freakishly like Summer...Ringo is also my favourite Beatle. 

We became best friends, and were just so comfortable with each other as though we had been friends forever. I even nicknamed him Teddy once he had started to grow a beard Then on the 16th March 2009 we tried dating and havent looked back...well I do cause my hair was so long and undamaged then *sob sob*

What are your stories of meeting your partner. Tell me so I can sob over some froyo!
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  1. This is so sweet! I've always dated my best friends so we knew eachother inside out before hand, I'd love a little bit of a budding romance.

    Sammy xo.

  2. I met Jake in Freshers week of Uni as everyone used to come to my flat to pre-drink. We didn't really talk much at first and I definitely didn't fancy him haha. After casually seeing each other on nights out, he eventually asked me to go to the cinema (he claimed nobody else wanted to go with him, although now he says that was an excuse to get me to go), so I went with him. Obviously not the best place to go for a first date. I also thought we were going for dinner but when he said he'd already ate, I ended up getting a Maccy D's on the way home. He asked me out 'properly' about a fortnight later! Not very exciting haha xx


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