Blogtober // I Need to Grow Up

My morning routine from I leave my bed is, check the time, give Joey a squeeze and kiss then check twitter and instagram. (Who even bothers with facebook anymore? It's all babies and proposals). All I see are the Jenner girls, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and I wish I was in the circle.

So I figured, I need to grow up. These people are younger than me! They're just kids and I'm being a fool and looking up to them! I love Kylie Jenners style (but if I see ANOTHER blogger do a lip tutorial I'm going to scream!), I wish I had the body like Kendall and I kinda wish I was dating Biebs or Harry Styles.

I need a change. Be more professional. Stop naming my Teddy Bears....maybe just stop buying Teddy bears. I feel like I'm having some sort of quarter life crisis epiphany. I need to be more Gwyneth Paltrow less of a Kendall Jenner wannabe.  



Probably Not.


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