Blogtober // Big Boobs Problem

Last week I spoke about butts and today I'm talking boobies. Big Boobies. It also helps that its no bra day today yaaaay!

For some reason if you have an above average boob size you get people saying 'Omg I'm so jealous'. Trust me there is nothing to be jealous about.

For about 17 years I seriously thought I was adopted. All the women in my family are bigger and have huge boobs and I just looked like a stick. Even at school I was called an iron board because I had no boobs or bum, and I 'didn't have the body of a normal black girl'. Then the weight gain came and so did the boobs. Once I finally lost the weight the boobs stayed and its very annoying. I know there are girls with bigger boobs than me but being just above the average still hurts man.

Over Priced
I wish Primark did my size. But no... I have to take a trip to Victoria Secret or go online and spend half of my paycheck. 

What is it like to wear a shirt and for it to button up properly? Cause mine either pop open or have that unfortunate huge hole between each button.

'Are they real?'
Yes. Do you think really think I can afford surgery with the price of rent in London?! Also I'm not wearing a push up bra. It's a 1 on the padding chart for flip sake!!!

This is my biggest pet peeve. I am a size 6 which I know is small. But I have to buy clothes that's either a size 10 or 12 in order to fit the girls in. Then I have an oversized item of clothing. Buying bikinis is a challenge. 'A size 14 top and 8 bottom please'. Or in the case of my Triangl one: large top and small bottom. Its just odd.

Going Braless
Long gone are the days when I could run across the road to get some milk braless. Now The bra has to go on. So I might as well put in my contacts and draw some eyebrows on.

Its needed. Doesn't mean I like them. Taking my bra off at the end of the day is magical. But the underwire mark left is highly annoying

I do love my boobs. I mean...I'm up there with Katy Perry in the size department. Every time I get measured I'm a different size! 34D/32DD/30E. Who knows eh?!

How do you guys feel about your boobies? Big or small! haha
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  1. This post is perfect. I got my first bra when I was 8!!! I wasn't a big child, I just developed very VERY early.
    That in itself caused some embarrassing, especially when I was wearing the same cup size (B) at aged 10 that my 15 year old sister was.

    For the longest time they stayed at a C cup, all the way through high school in fact, but then they just grew and grew and grew some more. If I put weight on, it would go straight to the boobs, if I lost weight, the boobs would stay.
    So many people have mentioned all that you have above, mostly that they're jealous, I was happy with my C cup.

    I actually bought a dress the other day from H&M online, there was no give in this dress, you either fit in it or you didn't. I did except for the boob area, it was going nowhere near the girls. So frustrating.

    I'm used to them now, they've been here and this size long enough now but every so often you just think to yourself "life would be a lot easier if they were smaller"

    The worst thing I find with having big boobs is how easy people assume I am, I wear a dress or a vest top that will naturally show cleavage because I have boobs - as opposed to me deliberately showing them off - and everyone thinks "Look at her with her chest hanging out, she must be well up for it / a slut!" ... I JUST HAVE BIG BOOBS! I can't control their size >.< haha.

    Juyey xx

  2. OMG your last point! YES! I get that a lot. What am I supposed to do? Wear turtlenecks constantly.
    I have so many clothes that just don't fit in the boob area. Absolutely gutting!

  3. These points are SPOT on for bigger boobs, however, for me, it was my choice. After a large weight loss, I got left with loose skin on my boobs and I had a breast uplift with Implants. Now clothing and bras are harder to find than ever, as normal bras don't quite fit right as they're supposed to be for natural boobs, not perfectly round shaped, hah!

    But I feel you, totally :)


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