BEAUTY: Good Skin After a Night Out

On Saturday I had a few friends over and drank and ate a lot of crap (Sorry Teddy, food was tasty the scales just didn't appreciate it). The next day my face looked horrible. My BFF said I should write tips on how I get it back to normal.

Stay Hydrated
It's my good friend water again. If you've been drinking lots of alcohol you'll probably be dehydrated anyway, and you're probably begging for help with that hangover too

Face Mask Time!!
I have a pamper night every Sunday just relax and get ready for work so a face mask is already lined up. I tend to use mud masks to detoxify my skin and bring back the moisture I've lost over the weekend.

No Make Up
I tend to have Friday and/or Saturday out so I have Sunday to relax. Which mean going make up free. This is great to let your skin just breathe and not get clogged up.

My personal lifesaver. After my face mask I lather on this bad boy. It's mostly good for rashes and baby stuff but it just works great on your face. It's a bitch to wash off so I wear it at night so by the time I wash my face in the morning its deep in my skin

So those are some of my tips to get me looking like a human being for Monday mornings! What do you guys do?

I've decided to take blogging seriously as I love and enjoy it so much. Which means better photos AND content. So I'm waiting til payday for my new camera. What do you guys think of the image above?
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  1. This is so helpful, thank you. I'm so bad with this! X

  2. I always break out after a night out, I definitely agree doing face masks help!

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